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Before giving your trust, understand the WinWin loan solution. The insurer or mutualist, depending on the name, now offers financing. From there to making him a credit specialist, we are not there yet. However, thanks to its recognized brand, the establishment relies on its customer relationship to support you. This financing can meet several ambitions: change car, buy a motorhome or boat, carry out work or even do work. Your advisor accompanies you in your process and does his best. It puts you in contact with experts or reassures the seller. Depending on the case, it can also provide you with feedback.

Notable advantages offered as part of a WinWin loan. Obviously the interest rates are not very high. But it is above all the proximity to the intermediary that makes the real added value of the project. Almost tailor-made financing and long-term discussions. Don't think 100% online works. Stay close to your money and privilege contact. On this approach, the WinWin advisor will answer all your requests. Lowering your monthly payments will be child's play. This relying on the financial expertise of the agents. Discover now the credit offers that await you ...

The types of WinWin loans

WinWin project loan

The WinWin loan is a kind of personal loan. Difficult to divide the difference between the types of loan. The main one being that funding can be granted to you. However, you will first need to quantify your desires. This can be done from quote or invoice directly. You will have to justify the projects or more exactly motivate them. For a move or the preparation of a wedding, for example, that goes without saying. However, keep in mind that you have to seduce the advisor. Or at least, at least make him want to. No need to be a good talker, he would realize it!

MATMUT loan financing

Once the project has been defended and the approach well initiated, concrete data on your income will be requested. For example, a payslip. The most important thing is to show that you have the capacity to implement the project. If you have family support, put it forward. Before negotiating your interest rate, it is best to put all of your advantages on your side. These remarks are valid whatever the project. After that, you are free to compare the offer with an online comparator or a credit simulator. The final choice is on your side.

WinWin car loan

Different names for the financing of a car, a motorcycle or a scooter but it is about the same credit. As the number 1 insurer, WinWin could not fail to be present in this market. Coupled solutions exist, in particular with the insurance + credit pack. A good way to only be charged a monthly payment. But be careful because when you group your contracts together you can quickly get lost.

So our opinion is to favor a classic motorcycle car loan. This will give you more leeway in negotiating the terms. Preparing and obtaining credit will also be easier. Indeed, the product is modular according to your needs. Like your auto insurance, whether you want glass breakage insurance or not! An extreme personalization of financing. If you don't want to buy a new car, an advisor can put you in touch with an organization that will offer you a car leasing solution. Endless possibilities. You keep your hands on your finances. WinWin advice is only there to support and enhance your assets.

Buyback of WinWin credits

The WinWin loan consolidation is nothing other than a personal credit. It is about taking over all of your debts within the same financing. This is quite possible within the limits of the measurable. For a repossession of a mortgage, you can imagine that WinWin does not. On the other hand, if it is two or three project financings or a consumer credit. Early redemption is quite possible.

It will be up to you to prepare it with online tools and advice from your insurance agent. Because yes, since the deployment of the WinWin loan, they now have both hats. No limit will stop them, so for your WinWin credit redemption projects, the question does not arise. Optimal support closer to your concerns.

WinWin credit simulation

To support you in your efforts, WinWin makes specific tools available on the internet. Assistance offered to households looking for a project. There is no need to have computer skills, the tool is easy to use.

matmut simulation

First enter the amount of your project and then you can vary the amount of your monthly payments or the total duration of the loan. You have the possibility of viewing the tool's responses in real life. A promising experience to be encouraged.

WinWin customer area

If you are already a WinWin customer, the same as the customer area to follow your insurance contracts. All you need to do is enter your company code and enter the password. For non-customers, you will receive the identifiers as soon as your contract is signed.
Don't worry if you've applied for credit online, there is a way to track your file.

WinWin Customer Service Contact

For all your questions, WinWin advisors are at your disposal. To contact them, we encourage you to favor the customer area in order to obtain a privileged response. If you can, call your advisor directly. Otherwise, you can leave an email by completing the contact procedure on the website .

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  1. While looking for a WinWin auto loan I came across the site. Please tell me how to do the famous credit simulation so that I can send you my financing request.

  2. Really great the WinWin. To find a car loan I can tell you that I did not hesitate. Funding by the insurer is the best. No additional constraint to manage. And above all a single monthly repayment.
    So what could be better? Even the interest rate is good.

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