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For you who dream of projects and the future, the Social Credit of Civil Servants supports you in your future and provides advisers to provide you with expertise but also the CSF loan. Exclusive conditions for public officials and the like. As the big banks are chasing you, don't listen to the sirens. The Social Credit of the Civil Servants is a banking establishment which is intended for you so do not look elsewhere. The interest rates are very low which will allow you to project yourself.

No need therefore to have insane income to have projects and obtain personal loans or a mortgage. The CSF advisers are aimed at a wide audience and guarantee you assistance with all your problems. Because yes life can sometimes reserve surprises. For these reasons, the credit simulation that you are going to perform will be transparent and will serve as a guide line. It is only afterwards that you will understand the life of the CSF loan and the flexibility offered by the specialized credit institution.

Speaking of the latter, there are several types of loan simulations. Depending on your project, your needs but also the type of financing, you will be able to use a credit simulator in order to know the market conditions. Although negotiable later, the original financing plan is an important point of support, which should be better printed and kept by your side.

Types of CSF loan

CSF personal loan

The personal loan is the benchmark amortizing credit. It responds to a well-defined need. Quotes or invoices may therefore be requested by your CSF advisor to justify the release of funds. Internally, the establishment only issues the CSF loan over a period of 12 to 72 months. The amounts involved can range from 1,500 to 21,500 US dollars. The interest rate charged on a fixed basis now varies between 2.9% and 6.9% depending on the amount but also the duration of the loan. No rule for negotiation, we advise you to have prepared the project and show a certain motivation.

CSF real estate loan

The Bank listens to all your real estate acquisition projects. For a financial investment or the purchase of your main residence, real estate experts recognized in the sector can, for example, estimate a property or recommend mortgage loan insurance at reduced cost in order to reduce your costs. But as a lending institution, you can get the classic home loan or apply for the zero rate loan as well as social home financing. This regulated financing is available because CSF is authorized to distribute it.

CSF revolving credit

The establishment has not developed a commercial agreement with revolving credit specialists. As such, it does not have a revolving or similar credit solution. However, there is a CSF card, but it should not be confused with a payment or credit card because this is not the case.

CSF credit repurchase

CSF loan consolidation

In order not to fall into a difficult financial situation, we advise you not to wait until you can no longer repay to approach the CSF credit redemption with your advisor. Knowing how to recognize your difficulties is a very rewarding thing. Do not think that loan consolidation is only for others. At any time in our life we ​​may need help and that doesn't mean we are less than nothing. The Social Credit of Civil Servants will undertake to remain confidential on your requests and your money needs.

In addition to this, he will be very attentive and will offer you an alternative financing plan. This in order to offer you more purchasing power at the end of the month and to arrive slowly but surely in the total repayment of your loans.

CSF credit simulation

Tools can obviously help to enhance your debt reduction research. With the online credit simulation, it only takes a few minutes to get a quote on your future. In full transparency, you will know the fixed interest rates adjusted to your situation. No need to be an expert to mount your refinancing using the tools available on the csf online site.

CSF loan simulation

Important to keep in mind because we never repeat it enough, the credit simulation is not a commitment but an advisory tool. It will allow you to know your financing capacity and the amount of your repayments. Also remember to add sundry financial costs. Finally, you have the possibility to apply for a CSF loan immediately . An advantage, you keep your last credit simulation, it is recorded and remains attached to your financing request.

CSF customer area

At any time, a connection to the CSF online customer area will allow you to follow your financing requests but also the life of your credit. One click will suffice for example to know the capital reimbursed. Secure access codes will be communicated to you the week following the signing of the contract.

Without moving you will keep an eye on your bank account. But that's not all, thanks to your online account you will be able to update your personal information but also to discover commercial offers. You never know, as your projects mature, why not take advantage of a CSF loan at a reduced rate.

CSF customer service contact

Real strength at your side. CSF customer service is there to answer your questions and is mobilized to provide the most relevant advice possible according to the situations you describe.

At any time, for example, you can contact an advisor by telephone for assistance, you will then have to dial the telephone number 01 53 34 44 05 (non-surcharged number available from Monday to Friday between 8:30 am and 6:30 pm).

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