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Go for your projects and for that you can always count on the solutions of Loan Credit. The home financing specialist offers much more than the simple Credit Foncier mortgage, we will demonstrate it to you. Because yes, a household has projects and may need a banking establishment to make them happen. Belonging to the BPCE group, just like Bank Postale and Caisse d'Epargne, by choosing the organization to work with you, you are making a long-term commitment. For a more serene and lacking future, nothing better than being able to count on a Bank.

With loans for everyone, Credit Foncier really makes the right impression. For example, you have work to do at your home. This renovation requires cash that you do not yet have. Banking experts can advise you on project management and set up the financing that will suit you at that precise moment. A tailor-made loan to meet your personal project. Just that ! And the must, it is obviously offered at the best cost . In addition, with the interest rate currently offered, it will be difficult to refuse such an offer. To learn more about the Loan Credit simulation tool and discover the range of loans, go directly to, the official website.

Types of Loan Credit

First purchase loan

This is undoubtedly the most conventional financing. For first-time ascendant it is also THE solution to become an owner. Whether in Washington DC, in the suburbs or in the region, all individuals can claim Loan Credit. In the form of an amortizing loan, you will borrow a predefined amount and repay a fixed amount each month. For more transparency, you will know in advance the debits that will be made on your bank account and also the date of the withdrawal.

Loan Credit
Loan Credit

A turnkey solution. You can quickly take possession of your home and stop paying rent. As a reminder, the average purchase price of a house in United States is 150,000 US dollars. But obviously if your project is more ambitious, the Bank can support you. You just need to be convincing. The fixed rate offered is one of the lowest on the market. Currently below 2% APR over a credit period of less than 15 years. Do not hesitate to make an appointment directly with an advisor if you are interested.

Bridge credit

You never think you're going to need this type of financial package and yet. In order to move quietly to a new house without having sold the previous one, you may be tempted by bridging credit. This Loan Credit has a short term vocation. It essentially helps to bridge a cash flow gap between buying real estate and waiting for your property to be sold. Know that the Bank offers advantageous solutions that allow you to buy when you have not sold. If you've found that rare gem, it would be silly to miss it.

Rental investment

For a wealthy clientele or simply to carry out a tax exemption, rental investment is in vogue. The Pinel law is clear proof of this. But in order to build up an annuity for life, most households must first borrow. The rental investment offered by Credit Foncier is a repayable or ultimately loan that can finance up to 100% of the purchase price over a period of 25 years. It is therefore difficult to refuse such a tempting proposition, especially knowing that subsequently, the property will be yours. And a little secret, the rates of this Loan Credit are even more interesting.

The co-ownership works loan

A real strength of the group. A range of 4 types of financing for the common areas. As a renovation or to extend the building, the use of credit is commonplace. With Foncier COPRO, these are turnkey credit solutions starting at US $ 15,000 and those for terms of up to 15 years. Information possible on the Co-ownership page .

Loan Credit simulation

In order to ensure a service in the most total transparency, the advisers are committed to offer you a service of quality and listening. But that's not all because with online banking, it is now possible to prepare any financing from your home provided you have internet access. And online credit simulation is the tool at the center of this new service. Thanks to the Loan Credit simulation , it only takes a few minutes to give you a picture of the current financing conditions.

Whatever the credit that we have previously presented to you, if it interests you, nothing could be easier than setting up a financing plan. However, you will need to have previously set a budget and maximum monthly payments. Because there is no point in paying everything quickly if it is to suffocate and subsequently apply for renewable credits. For the mortgage solution to be sustainable, you have to be reasonable.

Contact Credit Foncier customer service

Bank de Réseau Credit Foncier is present in the largest cities of United States. Its network continues to grow on a daily basis to offer you the best service and answers within acceptable deadlines. All your projects can be discussed, even the craziest. In order to get quick answers, online tools allow you to be more responsive. Applying for a Loan Credit after the online credit simulation is a real opportunity.

Subsequently or upstream, you may have questions about the Bank or the products. Competent customer service will assist you and provide you with answers. By phone dial 0 825 30 30 31 (15 cents US dollar per minute). But not to pay, the interactive chat service allows you to leave your questions and interact with a call center. Once a customer, you also have an online customer area, it will allow you to monitor but also manage your mortgage remotely.

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