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The Crédit Mutual Arkéa group distributes Loan Furtune solutions online. Bank on the Internet was developed to be present in the new digital market in full evolution. So you, the French household, get out of the game and why not trust your Bank remotely. The possibility of submitting your project and obtaining credit without wasting time traveling. Everything can be done by phone or by mail. Once the requested documents are received, the money can be paid into your account in less than 48 hours. Didn't that fall on deaf ears? So take the time to study the financing offered by Bank Fortuneo, number 1 in online banking.

If already more than 365,000 customers have trusted the Bank of Crédit Mutual Arkéa online, it is not for nothing. Fortuneo has built a small structure to minimize costs. So, for your checking account and the use of a bank card, it is only 2 US dollars per month. But that's not all, because you will obviously be able to take advantage of discounts. This is particularly the case if you request a Loan Furtune . It will be offered to you at a reduced rate. Numerous daily advantages with online banking. To discover all of Fortuneo's services, you can go to and in particular familiarize yourself with the Bank on a daily basis. Need car insurance, it's also possible! The Bank is not deadlocked. She tries her best to support you in the medium term.

Types of Loan Furtune

FORTUNEO personal loan

The most common solution in terms of financing for individuals, this is the amortizable loan. With the Loan Furtune simplified, no surprises. Everything is planned. But that's not all, it allows you to carry out projects with great freedom and to refine the repayments according to your income, this is the personal loan. A flexible loan with repayable repayment. You are free to modify the monthly repayment payments during the life of the contract, upwards if you are increased or downwards in the event of a hard blow. Know that the Fortuneo advisor will always listen to you so that this financial burden does not compromise your daily life.

Loan Stealth
Loan Furtune Bank

So for the purchase of a motorcycle, to go on a trip or to expand your home, think of the FORTUNEO personal loan as a low-cost but good quality solution. The rates currently offered are more than interesting, so do not wait to prepare your next financing via the credit simulation tool which will be explained below. Never has life been so easy and Loan Furtune so inexpensive. Maybe now is the time to react because otherwise you might regret it.

FORTUNEO revolving credit

The online banker does not currently distribute a revolving credit solution. This is a reserve of money that allows you to make purchases when you are already in the red. The rates are generally very high and this business is very profitable.

Fortuneo can nevertheless grant you an authorized overdraft if you need it from time to time. Another method to make purchases with a credit card without having the funds in your bank account, it is to opt for a deferred debit card. This can allow purchases to be transferred to the next month. It is always better than being refused purchases due to an overdraft that is exceeded.

Your Fortuneo advisor will ask you to always formalize your overdraft. You will gain in terms of fees and interest rates. The Bank also finds its account there because it no longer has to follow your irregular bank movements.

FORTUNEO real estate loan

A force of online banks that offer financing, mortgage. This type of Loan Furtune is very attractive. This with the ambition of attracting more and more customers. It's also a good way to build loyalty. With the Fortuneo mortgage, several advantages are open to you. First of all, by going by distance, you choose to obtain the best financing conditions in terms of rates. You will have regular follow-up with a single advisor. But that's not all, in order to make your buying process easier, real estate specialists can give you advice on your project. A comprehensive solution for you and your family.

Redemption of FORTUNEO credits

In order not to waste your time, know that more than one in two French people who have gone through the consolidation of credits has earned more than 15,000 US dollars on its financing. For good reason, the logic is simple. With the Fortuneo credit redemption say yes to lowering the interest rate on your debts and yes to simplicity. Because once everything is prepared and you have signed the consolidation, you have nothing to do. Indeed, it is your banking advisor who will take care of everything. For good reason, he will have to contact the various establishments and buy back all of your debts. It's fast, it usually takes a week. Following this, you will benefit from the negotiated rate.

But then how to know if the repurchase of credit is valid in your case? Because indeed, it may be that the consolidation of loans will bring you very little. In fact, you must first take into account the remaining repayment period. Experts judge that if there are less than 2 years left, the credit redemption is not valid. But this is not the only criterion. Indeed, it is also necessary to know the conditions of early redemption that you have subscribed with the establishments. For good reason, if the costs are important, then you have to do the calculations.

Loan Furtune Simulation

Now that you have the different Fortuneo financings in mind, it's time to take action. The credit simulation allows you to quickly know the interest rates but also the Loan Furtune formula that suits you. For good reason, you will be able to configure your solution. Take your time and keep in mind that there is no need to strain. Indeed, the first time, the trend is optimistic with a very high monthly repayment.

You are going to simulate your credit. We will have to follow the steps. First, enter the overall amount for your project. If you want a personal loan, limit yourself to the amount shown on the invoices. For a repurchase of credit, on the contrary, take all of your current financing. Subsequently, vary the sliders to see the monthly repayment and loan duration adapt in real time. This until we come to an agreement. Finally, you can click on simulate to obtain summary and transparent information. That's it !

FORTUNEO customer area

A real advantage of online banking, the remote service is of high quality. From your customer area you will be able to keep an eye on your bank account. But not only because to initiate your Loan Furtune application online, it is also a possible step. Just fill out a form for this purpose. The customer area is also a friendly place to chat with an advisor.

FORTUNEO Customer Service Contact

As we have quickly stated, contact with the Fortuneo advisor or customer service takes place on various occasions. There are also different modes of communication. The most intuitive for online banking is the chat. To do this, you will need to be connected to your online customer area. But there are other alternatives, by mail or by phone. The toll free number is 02 29 00 49 18. Otherwise, there is 0 811 135 135 (6cts of US dollars per minute).

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