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With online banking, you no longer need to travel. All your desires can come to life from home. Here is the Welcome Bank loan offer from Purplepayday . A simple banking service based on free access. No need to waste time looking for financing with multiple agency appointments. Everything is simpler on the internet. You will have access to a credit simulator. You are free to customize it to quickly end up with a simple and transparent financing offer. The return is almost immediate in terms of financing conditions. View the total cost of the Welcome Bank loan even before initiating your Welcome Bank loan application online.

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Because one of the principles of Purplepayday is not to leave a customer deadlocked, here is an interesting solution. Especially since there is much more than affordable financing. You can claim short-term solutions with consumer credit but also medium-long term credit solutions, for example project financing or the purchase of real estate. It is not a sub Bank. Welcome Bank sells essentially the same products as its parent company. The interest for the customer is mainly in the remote simplicity and on the pricing. So adept of Generation 2.0, it may be time to take off. Why not consider embarking on a Welcome Bank loan application on the official website www.hellobank.com online.

Types of Welcome Bank loan

Welcome Bank personal loan

The classic amortizable loan is surely the most marketed financing solution. For good reason, nothing could be easier for the customer. You apply for assigned credit. The project is presented to your client advisor who adheres. Subsequently a financing plan is defined. You quickly know the conditions of your Welcome Bank loan. Personal credit allows you, for example, to go on a trip or to change car. The financial burden should not hamper your daily life if it is well defined.

So for the purchase of a motorbike or to expand your home, think of the Welcome Bank personal loan as a low-cost but good quality solution. The rates currently offered are more than interesting, so do not wait to prepare your next financing via the credit simulation tool which will be explained below. Never has life been so easy and the Welcome Bank loan so cheap. Maybe now is the time to react because otherwise you might regret it.

Welcome Bank revolving credit

Don't let your situation get out of hand. Rather than staying short and getting raised by your banking advisor, there are solutions. This is particularly the case if you confirm your overdraft with a consumer credit. A very specific financing product created to help you in the cash flow mismatch. While it can be difficult following an unforeseen event to end the month in the green, ask your client advisor. Online or by phone, request a short-term credit solution. It will always cost you less. This is because the authorization overrun fees will not be charged to you.

Today, thanks to the lowered interest rate, the Welcome Bank revolving credit costs you less. For good reason, it will be offered to you at a much better rate than 5 years ago. For example, you can take advantage of 1000 US dollars for 15 days at a very low cost. Another advantage is that the loan is not affected. You will be able to make purchases without any proof. A very good point when you do not want to be monitored and controlled by your Bank. If you are interested, no credit simulation to be done on the online site. You manage the reimbursement yourself by making one-off transfers.

Important to remember, you only pay for what you use. Although the interest rate may seem high at first glance, resorting to this financing ad hoc is a good thing. For good reason, it ensures great serenity.

Welcome Bank payment solution

The newly arrived Online Bank has not developed a commercial agreement with the local stores. However, his sister Paydaychampion, also linked to the Purplepayday group, offers this type of service. But be careful, the agreements are punctual and above all the customer service is of lower quality. Especially when it comes to backtracking.

Buyback of Welcome Bank credits

In order to simplify the monitoring of your credits but also with a view to negotiating a new interest rate, the repurchase of credits is advantageous. For good reason, you will only have to make a request. Your online banking advisor will take care of everything. Once your positive response is obtained, all of your loans will be redeemed. You will then have a new financing plan to follow. The monthly payments will then have been revised downwards. An opportunity not to be missed for the world.

So why not take the plunge today? A personal loan plus a current mortgage, the Welcome Bank loan buyback is for you. If you are in the configuration of revolving credit plus Welcome Bank loan, then opt for the repurchase of consumer credit. Tailor-made offers to meet your needs. A good plan to postpone monthly payments and to lower the financing costs.

Welcome Bank loan simulation

In the best of all worlds, there are tools to help you make a decision online. Welcome Bank did it for you! In fact, 24 hours a day you can take advantage of the banking service and consult your accounts. But even better, with the credit simulation, you are free to set up a project. A simple tool open to all to project yourself. In general, in less than 5 minutes, you will come out with a very precise idea of ​​the possibilities open to you.

Welcome Bank loan simulation
Welcome Bank loan simulation

Nothing could be easier to get a first return. You just have to complete the form with the amount of your Welcome Bank loan consolidation . Please note, it is therefore your responsibility to inform this well. Because otherwise the simulation loses all its interest. Subsequently, modify the repayment period or the amount of the monthly payment to see the other criterion adapt. Simple and transparent, you come out with the cost of credit. A sort of quote on the loan buyback to be set up. In addition, the possibility of applying for credit immediately. What could be more concrete!

Welcome Bank customer area

Client Welcome Bank is all the remote banking services. You want to access your bank account, all you need to do is log into the online customer area. From an identifier and the secret code sent by mail, you will be able to keep an eye on your accounts. Very effective during the holidays for example not to be in the open. The customer area also allows you to anticipate and for example make an online transfer to credit your bank account.

Welcome Bank customer service contact

To get assistance, there is not just a phone number and quite the opposite. We recommend online message exchanges. Once connected to your customer area, you can leave messages for your bank advisor. If you have an urgent request, the online advisers will respond to you by chat. A new efficient and rapid means of communication within everyone's reach.

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