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Throughout the national network you can obtain an LCL loan by moving to an appointment in an agency or simply via remote means by phone or better by internet. In order to support you in your projects and in your little daily hassles, your Bank grants you the financing that is good for your family at the right time.

While the household situation in United States is more and more tense, trusting your Bank becomes a real reality to get through this difficult moment and plan for the long term. Tools help you prepare, whether online with the online credit simulation or directly in a branch with the advisers who will explain to you in detail and the results, their solution to make your life better. Do not think that you are alone in front of all, it is quite the opposite. Your Bank is at your side to facilitate your daily life never forgotten.

Although there are more and more online banks , the LCL has strengthened its model by creating real advisory agencies to help you prepare for your project. So opt for a Bank at your disposal and which will be personalized your financing so that the LCL loan contacted suits you as best as possible.

Types of LCL loans

LCL personal loan

The personal loan or project loan is based on a well-defined project. It could be doing the work, buying a car or a motorcycle or any other personal project. In order to obtain it, you must therefore justify your need for money and try to quantify it. If it is a question of doing renovations, for example, the LCL works credit must be supported by quotes from professionals. If you want to carry out the work yourself, then you must first calculate your raw material needs. When it comes to making a trip, it is immediately easier because you just need to present your invoice. Projects such as moving, preparing for a wedding, expecting a child, etc. are perfectly acceptable to sales teams.

credit LCL Conso budget solution

A quick simulation on the website will allow you to obtain for a borrowed sum the amount of the monthly payments but also the total cost of the credit. It's that simple, with interest rates generally lower than those on LCL consumer credit because it relies on purchasing a tangible asset.

Revolving credit LCL consumer solution

To get a little financial helping hand, you instinctively think of your Bank, but do not throw yourself into the mouth of the wolf. It is important to have thought about your project before you start. If you need a cash advance then it is the LCL consumer credit that you need. But if you have a plan to change your car or do some work, LCL financing can benefit you just as much. There are no rules, which is why contact with a bank advisor is important. Above all, you have to customize the financing so that it meets your needs.

Different ranges of LCL loans exist depending on your resources and what you want to see happen. To prepare for a wedding, for example, we recommend that you use the LCL project credit which can be very advantageous. It also guarantees you great serenity in your daily life while stress rises because it can be obtained a few months before the big day. To go on vacation or to buy a motorcycle, the project deserves reflection and LCL's expertise can save you a lot of money on the funding put in place, believe it.

LCL student loan

If you are a student and your parents are LCL clients, you can take advantage of very advantageous offers on the operation of an account but also on your need to finance your studies. Because you never think so, but having a master's degree is not given to everyone. These years of study are expensive. So the local Bank, which has also targeted partner schools, supports you in your university, your business school or your engineering school. Thanks to LCL get secured loans at very low interest rates.

LCL loan buyback

For those who are caught up in the low interest rates or for individuals who have had eyes bigger than their stomachs, calling on credit redemption is a good solution for your finances. Indeed, this debt restructuring solution allows you to reduce your monthly loan payments by setting up a refinancing plan in the medium to long term. No need to earn a large sum each month, the repurchase of credits is open to all.

However, you will need to show determination and ambition. Indeed, you will have to take the initiative, it is strongly recommended! For this, why not prepare your online refinancing solution from the LCL online site via a credit simulation tool. You will gain relevance by offering your advisor a refinancing that you have adapted to your budget and your resources. No limit on the LCL side for redemption, it can only take back consumer loans or a mortgage. Flexible and at your side, your banker will implement this solution to embellish your daily life.

LCL credit simulation

For IT experts, but not only of course, new financing preparation tools have been put in place to make your life easier. This is the example of the LCL loan simulator, which in a few clicks allows you to admire the prospects in terms of credit solution. At the end of the simulation, you will discover in full transparency both the proposed financing conditions but also and above all the overall cost of your LCL loan.

LCL loan simulation
LCL loan simulation

Go directly to your LCL mobile application or to the Credit simulation section to use this tool. You will be asked to indicate a global amount for your loan and in the process to enter the duration of the loan. You have the option to vary the amount of the monthly payment and see the impact this can have on the repayment period. Once you think you've made a wise choice, run the simulation to see the interest rate transparently.

The LCL financing request can be made immediately if you wish to operate online, in order to gain speed. Decision times are quick and if you are already a customer, you can claim funds released within 48 hours of accepting funding. If you prefer the traditional network, no problem. However, take the time to print your simulation so that the time spent on the tool is not wasted.

LCL customer area

Loyalty strategy and 100% transparent space, the LCL customer space allows you to know in real time the position of your accounts and the financial transactions that are present. From an identifier that you have been given and the password which usually arrives by La Poste, you can access the secure online platform. Simple and handy, you will be able to carry out a large number of banking operations on the internet without having to travel.

The first times, it's not easy to navigate, we grant you! But once the habits have been established, the tool for managing my online bank account quickly becomes essential on a daily basis.

LCL customer service contact

Depending on your question and the waiting times you are prepared to undergo, it is important to choose the best way to communicate with Bank LCL.

99% of the questions you can ask yourself about how the LCL loan works or how to set it up are answered in the FAQ. Before committing, we advise you to read this section carefully.

Now that we have ruled out that, for the 1% unanswered online, choose between the customer area which allows you to chat with an advisor on the internet, LCL customer service by phone or sending a regular mail.

We recommend that you focus on the first two options for deadlines. Via the LCL customer area, the advisor sees your situation and provides you with personalized answers. For the telephone platform, all you have to do is dial the following telephone number 09 69 36 30 30 (non-premium rate call).

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  1. For my part, I already have a consumer credit, the auto consumer solution, but I want to buy back a consumer credit in order to reduce my monthly repayment installments.
    I saw that Bank LCL offered this service but how does it work in practice? Who does what? And above all, how long does it take between the request for the credit consolidation and the unwinding of early redemptions?

    1. To regain financial balance, I urgently need a loan buyback.
      I have no contact at your Bank but I would like to meet with an adviser in an agency to set up the project.
      We will then talk about the interest rate and the loan refinancing conditions.
      thanks in advance

  2. With the LCL I have no surprises. In general, the refinancing offer is transparent and I can ask my questions to my advisor.
    If I need help with the refinance plan, I just have to ask.
    It's really great to be able to count on a Bank like this, whatever your project.

  3. I'm coming out of a meeting with my LCL advisor. He offers me an LCL car loan at a rate of 2.3% APR over 5 years. Do you think this loan offer is acceptable? I am not familiar with the current credit market conditions.

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