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Financing players are multiplying at lightning speed, after supermarkets which offer all kinds of insurance solutions and banking services, the digitization of banks has led to the emergence of many players, in particular the Win-Direct loan . Things change quickly, households sometimes have a little trouble keeping up. Here is a short summary of the financing solutions that you can get from Win-Direct and at the same time the advantages that you can derive from them. Do not hesitate for any questions to contact customer service by phone, whether it is to build a loan via specific tools such as the online loan simulator or to obtain relevant information on repayment terms.

Under no circumstances should you feel in need. The Bank assures its role of financing the economy and your right to request a study on financing does not commit you in any way. By going through an online banking institution, you improve response times and at the same time, you benefit from lower interest rates. This is a significant source of savings in these times of crisis when purchasing power is at half mast. So if you have a project, know that there is no shortage of cash in the banks and that today you have a good chance that it will be successful.

Types of Win-Direct loans

Win-Direct personal loan

The most common credit that allows you to finance a bit of everything and anything is called the personal loan. This allocated credit is distributed by the establishment at a fixed rate, the monthly repayment installments like the entire financing plan can therefore be deducted in advance. Also called a declining Win-Direct loan , you gradually repay the borrowed capital. The interest charge is gradually reduced over the life of the loan. At the end of the day, the last monthly payment frees you from the repayment of this loan.

Win-Direct mortgage loan

A fixed rate for simple financing, but beware, there are conditions. The amount borrowed must correspond to a well-defined project. If it is a trip or work, you will be asked for a quote or an invoice. Ditto, if the loan finances a car, a sales agreement must be presented. The advantage of this type of credit is the speed to obtain it, sometimes less than a week, but above all the financing conditions on the real estate loan which currently start around 1.8% . An opportunity not to be missed, under these ephemeral conditions, all projects are worth launching if the equation on the enrichment of happiness is positive.

Win-Direct revolving credit

Using revolving credit or Win-Direct consumer credit does not change anything. It is a short-term financing which makes it possible to settle a cash flow mismatch. Be careful, this very specific product is expensive. It is therefore advisable to use it only in this context and not to transfer this type of short-term Win-Direct loan into medium-term financing which allows you a one month delay in your finances because otherwise you risk paying dearly.

If so, try getting a personal loan as discussed earlier instead. The proposed interest rate will be significantly lower. You will gain from the first monthly payment for sure! The consumer credit is to be taken only for a few days. Its great advantage is its simplicity and the fact that you don't have to justify your purchases. You are free to tap into the line of credit made available to you. Likewise, you will be free in return to make the repayment at the speed that suits you.

Win-Direct payment solution

Online banking has not entered into specific agreements with stores to grant you lines of credit. However, if your purchase is early, why not apply for financing in the days preceding. Especially since you will gain peace of mind.

Also with the Mastercard card distributed by Win-Direct as part of the opening of an ING bank account, you can benefit from reductions with Mastercard partners. It's up to you to find out in store and seize the opportunity.

Buyback of Win-Direct credits

Win-Direct obviously offers the redemption of ING credit. Primary financing based on the takeover of your mortgage. The online Bank having quickly specialized in the repurchase of immo credit, it seemed impossible that it saves this sector of the refinancing which is very lucrative for the credit establishments. Otherwise, it is also very profitable for individuals who can review the conditions of all their funding granted. Substantial savings are realized as a result of this process.

To get a single loan for all of your debts, it is recommended that you prepare for it from home. The credit simulation tool that will be presented to you shortly is essential in order to set up your project. But that's not all, you will have to put all your commitments on the table so that the Win-Direct advisor has an overview of your financial situation and can help you set a monthly payment in accordance with your load - resource .

Win-Direct credit simulation

To carry out a Win-Direct loan simulation , you will be asked to connect to the internet and go to the official page of the Bank online. You are free to select the type of financing you have come to seek in order to start your personalized credit simulation. Gather at your side all the documents necessary for the proper functioning of the tool, namely the current loan deadlines and your situation today.

Win-Direct loan simulation
Win-Direct loan simulation

Because yes to start, you will be asked to enter a total amount. This is the estimated cost of your project. If you wish to take over a credit in progress, then add the amounts. Following this you can play on the duration of the financing to adapt the reimbursement. Once you think that everything is good, you can select the “ Simulation ” button to see the overall interest rate APR proposed by the Bank appear.

Win-Direct customer area

For customers of the banking establishment, you can take advantage of access to your online accounts to initiate your credit simulation . The advantage is simple, you are recognized by the system. Following your simulation, an advisor who knows your habits and your financial situation will not be able to decide and guide you in your project.

Know if you are not yet a customer, that the Win-Direct customer area will be open to you upon signing your contract. It offers a lot of services. For example, you can make bank transfers, ask to postpone the repayment of a monthly payment by a few days or simply consult your bank account.

Contact Win-Direct Customer Service

A phone number but also a chat on the official website are the two main ways to reach Win-Direct customer service and get an accurate answer within 5 minutes.
Digital is a revolution so why not take advantage of it. You have questions about your Win-Direct loan, an advisor will answer them as soon as possible.

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  1. A very attractive mortgage loan formula because the borrowing conditions are almost unmatched on the market.
    To get help and good advice from bankers, Win-Direct is a good solution. In addition, the Gold payment card is free for life.

  2. A very aggressive home loan offer. But that doesn't mean you'll get the funding. I applied for real estate credit online, it was directly refused. However, I have income and I have fixed a monthly payment in agreement. After 10 minutes spent on the credit simulation, I do not understand the refusal.

  3. I did an online real estate credit simulation and the offer seems very interesting to me.
    After that, I don't know the Bank and I'm especially afraid that with an online Bank, I don't have human contact with my advisor.
    When do you think? Should we better prioritize the cost or the banking service?

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