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To you who dream of a contribution of money in order to carry out a project. Know that with JustBank loan solutions , everything becomes possible again. And it doesn't cost that much. Indeed, with the drop in interest rates, it is time to raise your financing. For good reason, the credit offers are attractive from 2.5% over 24 months. Do not think that you have to be a customer in order to benefit from its commercial offers. They are intended for the general public! As you as I can get them. For this, we advise you to first familiarize yourself with the lexicon of the personal loan. Secondly, you will then be ready to seriously study a JustBank loan and why not go through the credit simulation stage.

The Axa insurance group, which has become JustBank, offers you financing at a very privileged rate, it would be a shame to miss it. Especially since all projects will be studied! Don't hesitate for a second if you are looking for a credit solution. Submit your JustBank loan application online. The Bank undertakes to give you an answer in principle within 48 hours. Following this, you will be guided into a relationship of trust which can lead to interesting things. To find out the details, you can now go to www.axa.fr/credit .

Types of JustBank loans

JustBank personal loan

The principle of the JustBank personal loan is simple. It is granted to you in exchange for a commitment on your part to return it over a well-defined period. The amortizable loan is thus transparent, the monthly payments are defined in advance as well as the date of the withdrawal. This is not why you no longer have any freedom. At any time Axa authorizes you to review your financial commitment with early redemption or refinancing if your need changes. Your bank advisor will be the intermediary to contact for this. No subscription fees if you opt for a credit redemption will be taken from you.

So consider in complete freedom, thanks to the online tools, to realize your personal project. You dreamed of going on vacation to a distant and heavenly place. You want to change your car and buy a new vehicle. Your family is growing and you are running out of space. All the reasons are good to use the JustBank loan service, without any distinction.

JustBank revolving credit

If you are concerned about a cash flow problem, JustBank consumer credit can possibly erase this worry. Without necessarily showing a 5-figure salary, your family is eligible for JustBank revolving credit. On request, the Bank will release a reserve of money to you that you can use without any proof. Refunds are free. The ceiling is set when the consumer credit is issued and may be reviewed annually in the event of a change in status. It will be automatically credited to your payment card. So a great simplicity since during your purchases, if your bank balance is negative, the revolving credit will automatically take over.

But be careful, we advise not to abuse this easy financing which is very profitable for the banks. Indeed, it is so easy to use that some households forget that they are paying interest on it. We therefore recommend this type of financing on condition that it is only drawn at the end of the month for cash flow lags but only over a few sliding days. It should certainly not become a habit.

JustBank payment solution

JustBank has not developed a partnership with stores to the point of not offering any co-branded payment card. So the only recourse to current credit is to expressly request your JustBank consumer loan, which will be drawn from your conventional credit card.

Redemption of JustBank credits

In order to help you pay off debts, the JustBank credit buyback formula allows you a final breath of fresh air. So a word of advice, do not wait until you are on the verge of over-indebtedness to react. Opinions on the mortgage loan consolidation are very positive so you too build your medium-term project in order to limit your debt tomorrow and at the same time reduce your monthly charge for the repayment of your credits.

Axa bank real estate loan

The first goal of the consolidation operation is to save you money. By increasing your purchasing power, you will be able to relaunch your wildest projects and find a life with your childhood dreams. Don't stay behind the wall, anticipate your future problems and ask your Bank to review your old contracts. The pre-study is always free and it can help you discover many things.

JustBank loan simulation

In order to prepare a personal loan or a consolidation of credits, we strongly advise you to go through the stage of the loan simulation online or directly in a branch during a customer meeting. On the internet, the tools are open to everyone and available 24 hours a day. A simplicity that allows you to project without knowing much about the operation of the requested financing. The ultimate advantage is to see live the monthly repayment installments that will be requested.

JustBank loan simulation online
JustBank loan simulation

This JustBank loan simulation tool for works also allows you to better understand how financing works, which will allow you to better understand your credit application phase but also to have benchmarks when negotiating the rate of interest. If you are 100% satisfied with the proposal and you want to save it and make your request for credit redemption, complete the questionnaire provided for this purpose online and send the supporting documents by mail. Within 48 hours, you should receive an agreement in principle by email.

JustBank customer area

In order to monitor your bank accounts online and prepare any debits, Bank Axa is implementing a latest generation tool to offer you this service. Access to My account is secure and can be done 24 hours a day, provided you have an internet connection. If you have a mobile, there is also an application that will allow you to track your consumer credits and personal loans from anywhere. You will quickly become hooked on its bank tracking tools.

Contact JustBank Customer Service

In order to answer your questions and in order to advise you, a remote team has been created and remains reachable on longer hours. Axa customer service is accessible by phone by dialing +33 but also via the internet. Once connected to your customer area you can also communicate with an advisor by Chat. There are many ways to get in touch with the sales teams, it will be up to you to choose the one that suits you.

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