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It is important not to wait before doing a BRED loan simulation online, this process does not commit you, quite the contrary! By approaching your regional bank, you demonstrate good behavior and you show an interesting reactivity. The more you anticipate your loan, the better it is for you and your project. As you will see, your bank advisor can offer you a wide variety of credit solutions but also mortgage repurchase. No constraint limits you, you are free in your choices, the advisor is simply there to stick to reality and serve your interests. A project, a desire, BRED Bank advisers are there to serve you.

Because at each stage of our life, projects evolve and in order to be accompanied and even more supportive, the BRED loan adapts to your desires and offers you great peace of mind. A variation passing through consumer credit and personal loan until credit redemption will be presented to you. The listening phase will then allow the advisor to detect your need. The Bank has the skills and the means to make you grow, you will quickly notice. So whatever your personal credit request, do not hesitate to consult and you will find a quick answer to all your needs whatever your entries. silver.

Types of BRED loans

BRED personal loan

One of the most common financing solutions that allows you to carry out your projects with great freedom and to refine the repayments according to your cash flow, it is the personal loan. A flexible loan with repayable repayment. You are free to modify the monthly repayment payments during the life of the contract, upwards if you are increased or downwards in the event of a hard blow. Know that the BRED advisor will always listen to you so that this financial burden does not compromise your daily life.

BRED advantages loan application
online BRED loan

So for the purchase of a motorcycle, to go on a trip or to expand your home, consider the BRED personal loan as a low-cost but good quality solution. The rates currently offered are more than interesting, so do not wait to prepare your next financing via the credit simulation tool which will be explained below. Never has life been so easy and the BRED loan so cheap. Maybe now is the time to react because otherwise you might regret it.

BRED revolving credit

If you need shorter-term financing for a limited amount, please note that BRED Bank Starloans also develops tailor-made loans. This is particularly the case if you need 1000 US dollars over 15 days. No need to apply for credit, you just need to talk to your advisor who will let you know his position on this revolving credit application. This is not about buying a car, let it be clear. The BRED revolving credit is the solution for a small cash flow gap while waiting for your salary to fall for example.

With this additional purchasing power, although ephemeral, you will be able to have a financially difficult time and get your budget back in hand from the first day of the following month. In any case, this type of BRED loan should not be used over time because its remuneration is much more important than another financing product such as a mortgage or a project loan. You should therefore be careful with this loan and make sure when you activate it that you will be able to repay it quickly. Do not play this type of loan, it is a tip!

BRED payment solution

BRED, thanks to the Bank Starloans network, offers various in-store payment solutions. Alliances have therefore been concluded with the partners in order to finance you in your purchases and on a daily basis. No specific card, you will get all the payment solutions directly with your classic Visa or Visa Premier BRED bank card.

Buyback of BRED credits

In order to show solidarity and to show you that your Bank is not acting only in its interest, BRED supports you in the repurchase of credit. To help you reduce your monthly repayments and to revamp all of your loans, the BRED loan consolidation is the product you need. Make an appointment in an agency, you will inevitably come out seduced. Renegotiation makes it possible to simplify your receivables and to group everything together within a single product. No more superfluous!

The interest of repurchasing credit is also obviously to save money. Thanks to the renegotiation of your loans , you will be able to revise all of your credit contracts downwards. In addition to the possibility of postponing certain maturities to later, the drop in the interest rate has a direct impact on the monthly loan payment that will be requested. So you can deduce, decrease in financial charges equals an increase in purchasing power.

BRED loan simulation

If you are a farsighted person, you will not be in it, on the contrary. BRED has thought of everything while providing you with an essential tool for preparing your credit. The BRED loan simulation is available free of charge on the Bank's website. No identification, you just need to fill in the various information in the boxes so that the monthly payment calculator shows you the result. Open to everyone, you can use this tool without having any special skills on PC or even on credit.

BRED loan simulation

In the section of the loan that corresponds to your need, use the BRED loan simulator to find out more about the loan conditions initially, but above all to find out and set up personalized financing. If you choose a BRED loan buyback, know that you can accommodate everything except a mortgage. The real estate loan buyback offer was deliberately rejected by the Bank. However, there are many other financings that can satisfy you and the simulator will allow you to define your solution by yourself.

BRED customer area

To monitor your bank account, but above all the purchases you make with your bank card, in addition to the mobile application, you can connect directly to the BRED customer area online. Using your login details, you will be logged in and redirected to your personal space. Obviously this is where you can follow your personal credit and the fall of the deadlines.

BRED customer service contact

At any time, you may need the help of an advisor. If you encounter the slightest problem in preparing your financing, be aware that BRED also offers customer service by telephone in charge of guiding you and answering your questions. So don't wait to contact BRED Direct by phone by dialing 01 41 86 26 00 (at no extra cost).

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  1. I applied for a credit for a personal loan on the BRED online customer area. I hope that I will have a quick answer if not on Monday I will restart my advisor.
    If the Bank cannot help us on a daily basis then you might as well take an online Bank which charges almost nothing. I will keep you posted on the granting of my BRED loan.

  2. Very good advice from my Bred banker. I took advantage of a consolidation of credits which allowed me to save money.
    In addition, a new personal loan was granted to me as part of the restructuring of my debts. The proposed rate suits me, I save money.
    thanks again

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