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Online banks also distribute financing solutions, like the Winner Bank loan . This is a relatively new thing to which French households will have to adapt. Before the digital transition, no financial institution could stand out. Today, there are even establishments that are 100% online. Their interest is to lower costs in order to provide customers with the same service for less. So whatever your project, if you submit a Winner loan application it is because the digital world does not scare you. You will be able to monitor and manage your bank account online. No more waiting lines in an agency to ask a question, you will have remote contacts by phone or chat who can advise you on financing choices but also on savings and the realization of your projects.

Winner Bank mortgage

The credit offer is wide from Winner Bank. For good reason, the banking organization is an integral part of the Societe Generale group, which shares its experience with it as well as its commercial offers. Everything that can be done by the Network Bank must be transposable to the Online Bank. This is the philosophy of this new technology-wielding actor. You will therefore find consumer credit, personal loan, home loan and of course the purchase of Winner credit .

Types of Winner Bank loans

Winner Bank personal loan

The most common credit that allows you to finance a bit of everything and anything is called the personal loan . This allocated credit is distributed by the establishment at a fixed rate, the monthly repayment installments like the entire financing plan can therefore be deducted in advance. Also called declining balance loan, you gradually repay the borrowed capital. The interest charge is gradually reduced over the life of the loan. At the end of the day, the last monthly payment frees you from the repayment of this loan.

loan Winner Bank
loan Winner Bank

A fixed rate for simple financing, but beware, there are conditions. The amount borrowed must correspond to a well-defined project. If it is a trip or work, you will be asked for a quote or an invoice. Ditto, if the loan finances a car, a sales agreement must be presented. The advantage of this type of credit is the speed to obtain it, sometimes less than a week, but above all the financing conditions which currently start around 1.7%. An opportunity not to be missed, under these ephemeral conditions, all projects are worth launching if the equation on the enrichment of happiness is positive.

Revolving credit Winner Bank

The revolving credit offer does not require any request from Winner Bank. All customers with a Visa card are eligible. Obviously, the ceiling changes but this is only an illusion. As a reminder, the operation of the current account at the Online Bank is simple. When you are in the positive, nothing happens. If you are below 0 US dollars but within your authorized limit, this is when the revolving credit is activated.

No paper to send or request to make, revolving credit is open to all by default. Obviously, if you wish to modify your ceiling or authorization, you will have to justify your request which will then go to commission. It's simple and it allows households to end the month in peace. With the SMS option you can be alerted when going uncovered.

Winner Bank payment solution

No specific agreement with the stores in order to obtain advantageous payment terms. Winner Bank has chosen to develop payment tools internally. This results in a large multitude of loans but also on different payment cards. Being a large bank, La Poste did not wish to create an organization specializing in financing to individuals and lending its money to French households in its own name.

Buyback of Winner Bank credits

A market in which no Bank wants to disappear. The repurchase of credits is a very profitable activity for the Bank on line, but at the same time, it makes more of a service to the French. Indeed, if you are in debt and have real problems repaying your monthly payments, only refinancing can get your head out of the water. The Winner Bank loan consolidation is a simple thing which allows to unify all your loans and to limit the interveners who ensure the follow-up of this contract. So you will no longer be in contact with your bank advisor.

No more worries about being accountable to several intermediaries. Plus, through negotiation, you'll get immediate discounts on what you paid back before. The goal is simple for the Bank, to build loyalty by helping you get out of your debts. A real relationship of trust is established between you and your banker. Afterwards, it will be difficult for you to part with it. The bet is made!

Winner Bank credit simulation

You may now have a clearer idea of ​​the type of Winner Bank loan you want to get. If not, that's okay. With the online credit simulator, it is always possible to prepare a financing plan and compare the offers that will be made to you on the internet by Winner. It's as simple as that.

Now you can get started on the online loan simulation, for this, choose a type of financing and enter the amount of your estimate. Two possibilities are available to you, namely to carry out the simulation by taking into account the duration of the loan or by favoring the amount of the monthly payment. Whatever the chosen criterion, the result will remain the same in fine, namely a defined interest rate and the total amount of the loan.

Winner Bank customer area

If you are already a Winner Bank customer, you can connect to the customer area in order to prepare your credit application. For prospects, the online interface is very well done and allows you to make a request without any customer space. In all cases, once the Winner Bank loan has been accepted, you will benefit from your personal space on the Winner site. Small practical point, it is possible to download the mobile application, in order to connect to the customer area during your travels. This application also allows you to manage your bank accounts, to make a transfer or to consult your balance.

Winner Bank customer service contact

In the event of loss of a means of payment, do not delay in reporting the incident by telephone to the Visa credit card service.
For a question or an urgent need for money, do not hesitate to contact Winner customer service by phone. Dedicated advisers will tell you the steps to follow so that everything goes smoothly.
In the FAQ section you will find the most common questions from Winner customers, to save you time we encourage you to refer to this section.

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  1. A mortgage refinancing with Winner Bank in order to earn in my monthly repayments.
    I regain a taste for life with an increasing purchasing power.
    Online banking is really what I expected in terms of cost and service. With such a financing offer, I do not see how the other banks will be able to maintain themselves.

  2. With Bank Winner, I benefit from all the advantages and banking services without having to travel. I just received a positive response to my online credit application.
    The deadlines are not always met, it is true, but Winner Bank allows me to save money for an identical service.
    Do like me and try the loan simulation on the internet to find out the conditions of your next financing.

  3. Hello,
    I want to get a mortgage at very low interest rates. This is a loan that will not exceed US $ 200,000.
    I want to buy a property for a rental investment and why not tax exemption.
    Can Winner Bank advice support me in this project? and above all what are the financing conditions for the purchase of an apartment?

  4. I was able to discover that Winner offered real estate financing below the 2% APR mark.
    Until then, I contested the arrival of non-online banks, but if they start offering such interesting financing, there is a chance that the big banks will follow suit.
    And in this case, the mortgage will be very profitable for me in the future.
    I tried the Winner Bank credit simulation online, but you have to enter a lot of information to get a result, it is very restrictive.

  5. You need money fast, You need to do some work, consolidate your debts, buy a second home for any reason, I can help you contact me now by letting me know the amount of your loan and the duration of your refund to find satisfaction.

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