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For customers but also for all prospects, the Bank is constantly developing its range of CIC loans . A good way for you French households to get started on projects or make a dream come true. You had a trip in mind for many years, maybe now is the time to take advantage of it! If you want to renovate your apartment or expand your house, the time has come thanks to the services marketed by Bank CIC .

So why turn to a specialized credit organization when its own Bank can offer us the same financing at a much better rate. The announced death of lending organizations will tell you, we are not there yet. However, banking institutions have taken into consideration the new needs of households in terms of loans and credit. So be careful, keep your ears open because the range of financing has been extended in order to offer everyone a product that perfectly meets their expectations.

Unlike the large banking establishments which are developing internationally and which rely entirely on digital technology, CIC wishes to take advantage of new technologies to improve customer service but above all wishes to maintain its strategic advantage, namely the Contact and Proximity Bank. Choosing a CIC loan is above all making the choice of quality customer service and at the same time benefit from a loan at the best rate. There is no compromise if you have it all figured out.

Types of CIC loans

CIC personal loan

Certainly the most classic personal loan. This is degressive financing. The monthly payments are known in advance, so there are no surprises. In order to obtain it, you will have to make your project known to your bank advisor. Governed by the credit regulations, this is financing for a very specific purpose. It must all the more be backed up by an invoice, an estimate or a sales agreement. For good reason, the personal loan must meet a concrete need. It cannot finance your daily life, for example.

In order to prepare for it, nothing better than to take advantage of the online loan simulation service. This allows you to adapt your monthly repayment installments, therefore directly to personalize the loan. Keep in mind that unlike a mortgage, the criteria that will be taken into account will be your level of cash and your remaining living once all your charges have been deducted.

CIC revolving credit

Faced with this financing, to meet your little cash flow concerns, there is a consumer loan or revolving credit. Bank CIC has the option of backing it directly to your credit card. But this is obviously done at your request. In the same way as a line of credit for a business, you can take advantage of a reserve of money available without proof. Above all, this allows you to spend your purchases at the end of the month when your bank account is exhausted. A little help to reduce it on condition that it is reimbursed quickly.

Because indeed, the operation of consumer credit is simple. As long as you don't use the amount of money available to you, it doesn't cost you anything. But be careful because when you draw on the available money, the interest calculation starts. In addition, as this financing is not backed by any counterpart, this justifies higher remuneration. So don't delay in repaying your debts at the risk of regretting it.

CIC payment solution

Besides the CIC consumer credit solution, there is no payment solution per se. Of course, you have the option of turning to a credit card with reserve or deferred payment. Otherwise, choose Oakparkfinancial which is the consumer credit subsidiary of the Crédit Mutual CIC group. They will be able to finance you on small purchases in store and will offer you configurable payment solutions.

Repurchase of CIC loans

Obviously, Bank CIC is present on the two sub-market of credit repurchase namely the consolidation of real estate loan and the repurchase of consumer credit. A varied offer to help you take advantage of the lower interest rate. Because, in fact, the Bank refinances itself with the Central Bank at a better rate, so it can benefit its customers.

So if you want to take advantage of the record auto or home loan rate, apply now to a CIC banking advisor. The latter will be happy to assist you in your efforts and to let you know the new financing conditions that will open to you. If you are not yet a client, do not hesitate to make an appointment directly at the branch.

CIC loan simulation

Really no obligation to go through the CIC online loan simulation , however it's really cool. If you prefer, your client advisor can do the simulation directly on his computer during the appointment. But it's a shame not to enjoy a service that improves the customer experience. In addition, the tool being online on the internet, it remains almost available 24 hours a day.

simulation de crédit CIC
CIC Auto credit simulation

Whatever your loan project, with the exception of consumer credit, you find a way to personalize your financing. It's very simple and it also allows you to understand the repercussions of a decision on the interest rate but also on the monthly loan payments that will be requested. From personal loans to credit redemption, take the tool in hand now.

In order to set up a project, go directly to the internet page offering the CIC credit simulator . Following this, you will be asked to enter the overall amount of financing you wish to obtain. In any case, it is not advisable to minimize your need because it is the call for additional funds that costs the most. Be comfortable with the amount of your credit, finally be realistic! Following this, vary the sliders for the duration of the loan or the amount of monthly repayments. To obtain a summary, all you have to do is click on Simulation.

CIC customer area

To support you in the new commercial relationship or to monitor your CIC loan online, there is only one option, the customer area. A tool that is really not complicated. It is open to everyone and is intended to be fun. Then the handling is done once the identifiers filled. You will then be automatically redirected to your customer account.

The My CIC Account tool allows you to see in real time the expenses you are making with your CIC payment card and thus to know your balance. You check your transactions daily to identify possible fraud. But that is not all, of course, since it is also an opportunity to carry out transactions on the internet to avoid the fees charged at the branch. An indispensable tool!

CIC customer service contact

Be careful and this is the important point! CIC is a Bank which is generally awarded for the quality of its customer service. By his approach and his particular attention, it is good to be a CIC client. The Bank will never leave you alone in the face of uncertainty. The advisers are responsible for always offering you an alternative.
This is all the more important if you choose the CIC credit buyback . At any time, it is also possible to obtain an advisor by telephone. To do this, you will need to contact the CIC platform by dialing 0 800 00 60 60.

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  1. Setting up a car loan with my Bank has never been easier. With the CIC we really benefit from the advantages of the regional bank, decisions are made locally, it's very fast.
    This allows our car to be blocked because once the agreement in principle has been received, I have complete confidence.
    Thank you again for the CIC Bank car loan.

    1. I appealed to CIC for a consumer loan. It took me two weeks to get an answer. But since it was positive, it's not too serious.
      With my advisor we make regular points.
      To date, I have not been able to test the flexibility of the financing, I am up to date with the repayments.
      But this is still proof of my Bank's confidence in this loan agreement.

  2. I never thought of getting a car loan from my local bank. Yet this is what happened in the following days.
    I had an appointment in a branch and speaking of a new project, my advisor introduced me to the CIC Bank auto loan.
    What to say, it corresponded perfectly to my expectations. No waste of time or online process, I received the funds immediately.

  3. Thank you for making me a loan offer for the purchase of a car. I need 10,000 US dollars with max monthly payments of 200 US dollars per month.
    Can you send me a funding proposal? I am mainly interested in the credit rate.

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