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Formerly the La Poste group, the public financial institution took the name of Bank Postale in the 2000s. Thanks to its network strongly established in the metropolitan area, the advisers of the local bank receive you near your home to talk about placement but also loan solution La Bank Postale . This makes it easy for you to present your needs and listen to how the Bank can help you turn the situation around. In any case, an individual in financial difficulty should remain on his side. The advisers are here to serve you and provide you with quality expertise.

As you will quickly discover, there is not just one Bank Postale loan, but an infinite number. Your imagination is free to prepare financing according to your current need but also according to the types of loan. Because you will first need to be able to differentiate a consumer loan from a personal loan and a mortgage. This will have direct repercussions on your guarantees but especially on your monthly repayments. The interest rates charged are not at all the same.

Presenting a physical network but also a remote interface, the choice is in your camp to prepare your future financing or to discover loan solutions. From the payment card to the repurchase of credit, the Bank of the La Poste group has not hesitated on the means or even limited its imagination to attract customers.

Types of loan La Bank Postale

La Bank Postale personal loan

Among the most traditional financing, the personal loan is certainly the most distributed but sometimes wrongly. It allows, among other things, to finance a project of work, travel, wedding or even the acquisition of a car. On the basis of a declining credit, you are able from the start to know the cost of the loan and the monthly repayment installments that will be charged to you. No surprises, everything is planned and nothing changes. The interest rate is fixed.

La Bank Postale loan
La Bank Postale loan solution

To prepare it well on the internet, it is possible to simulate your project via a loan simulator. These tools have the advantage of making you instantly discover the credit conditions that will be affected to you. It is good if you do not have the possibility of going to an agency to conduct a mini debate with your bank advisor on the motivations of your project and your resources. This little challenge makes it possible to create a real trigger. Coming out of the meeting you are better than ever to prepare and dive into the project that La Bank Postale will soon finance you.

Revolving credit La Bank Postale

Faced with this more traditional financing, many other La Bank Postale loans exist, such as consumer credit or La Bank Postale revolving credit . A loan for a shorter period to help you with a cash flow mismatch. For example, you have a need at the end of the month when you have already used all your salary.

This La Bank Postale loan solution is not sustainable. Indeed, the financing rate is more important a personal credit. It must therefore be repaid as quickly as possible failing to see the financial load increased at high speed. Very practical via the credit card, no need to set up a file to take out the revolving credit it is in the majority of cases proposed to 'Entrance.

La Bank Postale payment solution

No specific agreement with the stores in order to obtain advantageous payment terms. La Bank Postale has chosen to develop payment tools internally. This results in a large multitude of loans but also on different payment cards. Being a large bank, La Poste did not wish to create an organization specializing in financing to individuals and lending its money to French households in its own name.

La Bank Postale loan repurchase

How to continue to support French households without proposing the repurchase of credit. Today, refinancing represents nearly one in three loans, so to miss such a market would be foolish. At La Bank Postale, there are different loan groups depending on the nature of your debts. If you have a mortgage , it is obvious that you will get a much better interest rate. It should be noted that the repurchase of credits has the wind in the back since the ECB drastically reduced the conditions of financing.

So don't wait until it's too late to report your credit restructuring plans to your advisor. In the majority of cases you are a winner so what good is waiting. In addition, at this time, administrative fees are offered to La Bank Postale. Take a breath of fresh air by submitting your refinancing request to your Bank today.

La Bank Postale credit simulation

With the exception of consumer credit, it is essential to go through a credit simulation tool in order to prepare your financing project. There are many online credit simulators and even loan comparators. Each tool has its advantage and we advise you to use this kind of tools as much as possible in order to benefit from technological prowess.

La Bank Postale credit simulation

In a few clicks, it is possible to know the conditions of a loan according to the criteria that you have personally entered. No need to be an expert, the loan simulator is open to all and above all fun. You can thus observe the fluctuations in terms of reimbursement and the consequences following the change of a single parameter. This gives you real insight and allows you to set priorities. So you put forward the essential, what really matters to you.

La Bank Postale customer area

Once you have fully understood the interests of the Bank online then you will no longer be able to do without the La Bank Postale customer area. This secure platform allows you to do everything on the internet and those for free. Whether it is to follow the repayments of your La Bank Postale loan or to know the balance of your bank account, different tools will give you all the information you need. A real saving of time on a daily basis and the possibility of having feedback when you want it without waiting for the monthly bulletins in paper form.

As soon as you sign the first contract with La Bank Postale your login details will be given to you. Obviously, they are personal and must therefore be kept secret. In any case, we advise you to communicate them to a third party, even by telephone. These are essential for you since they allow, among other things, to perform remote banking operations.

La Bank Postale customer service contact

There are many ways to contact an advisor or La Bank Postale support for help or just information. If you are already a customer, the online customer area is an easy way to leave a question remotely if you are not in a rush. Otherwise, you can consider going to a bank branch, even without an appointment. Also know how to call your single point of contact, namely your customer advisor. If you no longer remember these details, you can find them directly on the Bank's website in the my account section.

For prospects of the banking establishment who simply wish to know the terms of a La Bank Postale loan, contact 36 39 the preferred telephone number of the Bank's customer service.

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  1. You don't need to be a customer at La Poste to be able to benefit from a La Bank Postale loan at a reduced rate. I have personally experienced this and would like to share my positive opinion on funding.
    At first I was wondering about the follow-up, but rest assured the customer service is quality.

  2. Too much waiting to obtain a La Poste credit. I had to wait more than a week between the loan agreement and the release of funds.
    It's a bit long when you have a project and everything depends on it.
    I think there is a problem in their administrative management. The interest rates are correct, but if every time I apply it takes so long, I will have to change and quit Bank Postale.

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