LoanfiestaOn and Services auto loan

No need to present the LoanfiestaOn and Services auto loan and yet the average French person continues to wonder who is behind such a name. It is neither more nor less than the Renault group. The French manufacturer which also has an alliance with Nissan. But then why not go through a traditional Bank to obtain a car loan? This type of question we are going to ask ourselves. But it is not the only one. What advantages can I claim by applying for the LoanfiestaOn auto loan? And especially in terms of time, is it really faster?

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LoanfiestaOn which took the name of LoanfiestaOn and Services is an entity specializing in automotive financing and services. Nothing very crazy so far. It also offers insurance around the world. So what does RCI mean? It is in fact Renault Crédit International the former SOFIREN. A rich history which began listen well, in 1974. For more information on the establishment, you can connect on French version.

Types of LoanfiestaOn and Services

Classic LoanfiestaOn and Services auto loan

The classic amortizable loan is surely the most marketed financing solution. For good reason, nothing could be easier for the customer. You are applying for assigned credit for a car. The project is presented to the car dealership that joins. Subsequently a financing plan is defined. You quickly know the conditions of your LoanfiestaOn and Services auto loan. Personal credit allows you, for example, to change your car or simply become an owner for the first time. The financial burden should not hamper your daily life if it is well defined.

LoanfiestaOn and Services auto loan
LoanfiestaOn and Services auto loan

So for the purchase of a new car, think of the LoanfiestaOn car loan as a low cost but good quality solution. The rates currently offered are more than interesting, so do not wait to prepare your next financing via the credit simulation tool which will be explained below. Never has life been so easy and the LoanfiestaOn and Services auto loan so cheap. Maybe now is the time to react because otherwise you might regret it.

Rental with option to purchase LOA

For more flexible financing, it is possible to choose the rental formula with the LoanfiestaOn purchase option . One way for you to be serene over a period of 12 to 48 months because you will be driving a new car. But be careful, with this option you are not the owner. You are simply the renter of the vehicle. This in exchange for the monthly rental payments. It is only if at the end of the contract you pay for the balloon that the car will belong to you. A good way to test a model on a daily basis before making your choice.

At the end of the contract you can of course terminate it. And this for different reasons that you will not have to explain. In short, simple and flexible financing. No need to have a contribution. Everything can be done at the moment. You drive a new car that doesn't belong to you. The monthly payments cover the use you make of the vehicle there. This is therefore not a LoanfiestaOn and Services auto loan but more a term rental with option to purchase term. So yes, it depends on what you want!

LoanfiestaOn credit with takeover commitment

A last solution for people who want to plan but still keep serenity. The RIC Bank loan with a takeover commitment is a trivial matter. It allows you to benefit from a good interest rate on the purchase but also to cover yourself if you later want to change your vehicle. The dealership will then promise to take it back. A real argument of choice for example if you want to buy a diesel vehicle. Because for good reason, no one knows if in five years the concessions will continue to sell. So it may be the choice of reason.

LoanfiestaOn and Services customer area

Once a client of Bank RCI who no longer offers to invest money, you will benefit from exclusive advantages. Including access to your online customer area.

A monitoring tool, but not only on the internet. You will be given credentials to connect to it. You are free to use it to find out the date of the next debit or ask a question to an advisor. For information, this service is free.

LoanfiestaOn customer service contact

And as the topics follow each other, customer service. In addition to the possibility of contacting an advisor directly from your customer area, two solutions are open to you. Return to a dealership if it is not too close to you. But also, the telephone platform to dial 04 42 60 57 22. The cost of the call is not surcharged.

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