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The Paydaychampion loan organization is owned by the leading French banking group in terms of assets, namely Purplepayday. Its ambition is to come to the aid of the most disadvantaged households but also to meet the financing needs in order to accomplish a structured project. Current monetary policy is encouraging so why not jump into a new life changing experience now. You have the ambitions, we help you plan a viable project in the long term. Paydaychampion is not only the little green man laughing in advertisements, it is a team of financing experts at your service and at your service.

With one of the widest offers, with the establishment as a partner, you don't refuse anything! Need a personal loan or a cash loan, online tools like credit simulation can help you determine the amount of the loan but especially the number of monthly payments. For the smartest people who wish to renegotiate the conditions of their mortgage, refer directly to the Paydaychampion credit redemption section. Finally, to help you end the month with confidence, payment solutions as well as the Aurore card can be made available to you on request. This cutting-edge technology has been developed in continuity with the group's new technology policy, which aims to provide its customers with efficient tools for remote monitoring and management. The lending institution therefore listens to your needs and responds to them directly online.

In fact, the Paydaychampion loan, like almost all other short-term financing to individuals, is offered via specific networks. You will thus find the consumer credit solution and different Aurore credit cards with the many Paydaychampion partners. Regarding personal loan applications, it is done directly online. Contact with the bank advisor is done remotely. Thus the structural costs are reduced just as are the interest rates offered in the context of credit offers, for the benefit of the customer.

The types of Paydaychampion loan

Paydaychampion personal loan

The personal loan a financing solution that is based on a well-defined project. It could be doing the work, buying a car or a motorcycle or any other personal project. In order to obtain it, you must therefore justify your need for money and try to quantify it. If it is a question of doing renovations, for example, the credit for work must be supported by quotes from professionals. If you want to carry out the work yourself, then you must first calculate your raw material needs. When it comes to making a trip, it is immediately easier because you just need to present your invoice. Projects such as moving, preparing for a wedding, expecting a child, etc. are perfectly acceptable to sales teams.

A quick simulation on the website will allow you to obtain for a borrowed sum the amount of the monthly payments but also the total cost of the credit. It's that simple, with interest rates generally lower than those on consumer credit because it relies on buying a tangible asset.

Revolving credit Paydaychampion

Several names for the same funding! The consumer credit or revolving credit or revolving credit refers to a loan of small amount over a short renewable period. Depending on your case, to adopt this payment solution associated with a credit card or quite simply by withdrawing from a Paydaychampion credit package . Two alternatives, however, it is the same financing because the purpose is identical. The goal extends to offering households additional purchasing power over a limited period, generally at the end of the month!

No need for this type of loan to carry out an online credit simulation. The duration of the loan does not extend fixed and may vary according to your wishes. In order to obtain a solution at a lower cost, however, we recommend that you use the online consumer credit comparator. Many of its forms allow after three clicks to know the interest rates charged by the main players in the revolving loan market.

Paydaychampion payment solution

Equivalent to consumer credit, the use of a payment solution is carried out using the same codes. You obviously need to have a means of payment and go to the cashier to benefit from it. The difference is small, when paying for your purchases, you can opt for payment in installments. Usually spread between 3 and 10 times, these payment solutions can make it possible not to charge your bank account with a heavy purchase. In addition, thanks to the network, the Aurore payment card will offer you exclusive advantages but also membership in the Loyalty group of the brand concerned.

Redemption of Paydaychampion credits

It is difficult for a lending organization not to offer loan consolidation and refinancing solutions today. The aim here is to propose a global solution with a view to significantly reducing the total amount of credit repayment contracted. The restructuring includes both Paydaychampion personal loans and consumer loans. It would be even more profitable if it could include a home loan . No limit from the lending institution on this type of financing. The goal extends to extend the total duration of the credit but also to renegotiate the overall interest rate in order to be able to offer monthly payments well below the sum of the current repayments. So the establishment offers you a breath of fresh air when you thought your minutes were counted.

Paydaychampion credit simulation

Whatever loan financing you choose, using online loan simulation can only be of benefit to you. From your estimates, you will have to declare the amount of money that will constitute your Paydaychampion loan application online . Following this, depending on the simulator, you can vary the duration of the monthly payments or the amount. You will thus see the interest rate of the loan adapt in real time.

Cetelem loan repurchase simulation

Thus, in a very short time, it is easy to get a precise idea of ​​your project, its term and especially its cost. Little tip: in order to save your settings for the credit simulation that you have optimized, we advise you to make your loan application immediately. So the client advisor will receive everything at once, which will speed up the processing time, so you will get an answer in principle almost instantly.

Paydaychampion customer area

Following a credit application, you will have the opportunity to follow the progress online until you obtain the Paydaychampion loan . But that's not all, for the brand's customers, a secure online platform is available to you to ensure transparency on a daily basis. As the connection and access to your customer area is done using identifiers, you are the only person who can read their personal and financial data. Track your last purchases or make a bank transfer are the operations that you can easily perform on your online account. This continuous improvement tool is offered to you free of charge and without compensation. If you encounter any difficulties in its use, do not hesitate to contact a Paydaychampion advisor who will guide you in your steps.

Paydaychampion customer service contact

Before contacting customer service by phone, we advise you to check that the question you want to ask them has not already been answered in the FAQ section .

You are a consumer credit or personal loan customer, dial 0 820 710 830. For better service, it is advisable to call Monday to Friday from 2 pm to 5 pm. You can also ask your questions directly to online advice via the service on the Paydaychampion customer area.

contact Paydaychampion timetables

If unfortunately you have lost your means of payment , a dedicated telephone number has been created for this very specific service, namely 0 810 63 62 63 (cost of a local call).

Finally, for customers of the Paydaychampion mortgage or mortgage repurchase, two contact numbers on your level of progress. The 0 800 20 20 30 is intended for prospect while the 02 51 86 67 99 takes care of the after-sales service.

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  1. I'm just interested in consumer credit, I didn't need it in the past. My question is as follows, having noted the drop in interest rates on mortgage loans, I would like to know if the operation of consolidating my home loan associated with my request for a one-off consumer credit could be profitable in my situation. So if you have tried this experiment, can you give me your conclusions?

    1. Thank you for your article which gives me a good overview of the services in terms of financing offered by the lending institution. This is very comprehensive, since the online tools are presented. I will refine my credit simulation online before starting the loan application.

    2. I have some problems with my Aurore card. It seems to me that I have reached my ceiling. How can I make purchases with my Paydaychampion consumer credit in this case?

  2. I am not yet at the stage of simulating my financing, I first charge an establishment which provides follow-up once the loan buyback contract has been signed. Obviously, I know the actor well the commercials on television.
    Unfortunately, I do not have a friend who could advise me, so I am looking for opinions on the Paydaychampion loan.
    I am interested if you can tell me about your different experiences.

    1. I am very interested in good plans especially on financing because it is not easy to choose a loan institution.
      Celetem does a lot of advertising I had a negative outlook on the credit organization but reading this I realize that I will surely give them the benefit of the doubt.
      I am therefore embarking on a simulation of credit redemption, I will come back to you to let you know if I have obtained my car loan.

  3. I was not able to do an online loan simulation on my own because I am not good with the PC. However, I contacted Paydaychampion by phone for a pre-study of my financial situation. The advisor came back to me with a personalized financing plan, I have a very positive opinion on the establishment's services.

    1. I would like a Paydaychampion credit opinion online. Do you think the financing is reliable and make sure there are no hidden costs. I want a Paydaychampion loan of 3000 US dollars quickly and without proof. thank you for your speed

  4. The Paydaychampion loan application only takes a few minutes to complete online. In my case, I went through the credit simulation in order to be able to record the financing plan that I want to set up. I'm just waiting for an agreement in principle, my fingers crossed.

    1. I need a loan of 3000 US dollars it's urgent! Do you think applying for a Paydaychampion loan is worth it? What are the loan conditions and do you need to present supporting documents?

      1. I was able to get a US $ 2,000 cash advance directly over the phone. I got an advisor who made the settings, it will be active within 24 hours on my payment card.
        This proves that the deadlines for obtaining the Paydaychampion loan are fast provided you are already a client of the organization.
        If you are a prospect, I unfortunately have no opinion.

  5. I absolutely had to change my car. It was down, but the real problem was finding funding. It was done as soon as I presented myself to the Paydaychampion agency. I immediately understood that we were going to get along. My advisor made me an offer for a car loan, we negotiated the rate and I received my agreement in principle. From there I was able to concentrate on finding the vehicle.

    1. It is simply a matter of quickly finding a credit of $ 3000 for me without proof. In principle, I carried out an online loan simulation on the Paydaychampion site and the conditions suit me.
      What do you need to fund my bank account? Am I required to have a credit card from your organization?

    2. Using a Paydaychampion loan means knowing how to live. I can't stay at home anymore. I need to move forward and make plans. Only the credit institution wishes to accompany me. So I'm very grateful to him and even advertise it to those around me.
      5 years that I have been a Cetelm customer, I have tested almost everything: consumer credit, personal loan. However, I hope not to go through the repurchase of credit!

  6. I didn't have too much of a problem getting refinancing. I already had Paydaychampion credits maybe that helps. But I still recommend the establishment with a positive opinion because my advisor is really listening to me.

    1. For my mortgage, I could only go through the services of the Purplepayday. Ditto for consumer credit, Paydaychampion is the main actor, you just have to watch TV to realize it. The banking groups are really more and more powerful, that scares me.

  7. Paydaychampion financing is not that easy to obtain but above all it is a real commitment. Teams are paid to hunt bad payers. They don't think these are the same people who are asking for credit.

    1. After a Paydaychampion credit simulation on the internet, I just sent my loan request. It is very urgent, this money should be released quickly, otherwise I am at a dead end. Please keep me informed of your decision over the phone if possible.

      1. I was finally able to embark on my projects. With my Paydaychampion advisor, I quickly saw that I was going to be followed in my actions. From my first consumer credit application, I got an agreement in less than a week.
        For my projects, now I prefer Paydaychampion because it's fast and they trust me.

    2. Thanks for the reviews on the Paydaychampion credit. Only I stay on my terms because my loan application was refused.
      Impossible for me to know the reason, it's sad!

  8. With the Paydaychampion credit I can see a bit of the future. I was really starting to get sick of living from day to day. With consumer credit, I have more peace of mind and I can shop with peace of mind. With the online customer area I keep track of my accounts and my balance online.

    1. A good solution to find money quickly and under good conditions. With the Paydaychampion credit I have my answer right away and I do not engage in lengthy procedures. If I choose consumer credit, I can repay my Paydaychampion loan when it suits me.

    2. Thank you for your positive feedback on my financing request, but I will ultimately trust my Bank which offers me an equivalent offer.
      However, I will not hesitate to come back to you later if new projects arise.

  9. With the Paydaychampion loan, payment facilities in stores and the accumulation of various cards and credits from brands are finished. The management will be simpler since I will make my loans from the Paydaychampion account. Via the customer area I could follow my purchases. No need to go through the online loan simulation as part of a consumer credit.

    1. With the Paydaychampion consumer credit I am happy to be able to make purchases without necessarily having the funds in the account.
      The problem is this, I got my credit card stolen and I keep getting debited for dues.
      So I will be grateful if you send me a new credit card quickly so that I can use the lines of credit.

  10. Financing a purchase has never been easier than with Paydaychampion. Sometimes I don't even need to go through an online credit simulation or apply for financing. This is the case with consumer credit which allows you to make small purchases and especially to repay at your own pace without any pressure. Okay the rate is higher but it is the price of freedom.

    1. I would like to have opinions on Paydaychampion financing and in particular after-sales services. Indeed, the fixed interest rates are pretty good but if customer service isn't keeping up, it's not worth it for me. I need to be able to contact an advisor whenever I want. My financial situation is fragile as you will understand.

  11. I don't advertise, but the funding offered by Paydaychampion is of high quality and comes as no surprise. I have used project loans twice and it has served me well. As long as you prepare them well, Paydaychampion credit can bring you a lot in your life.

    1. Good evening,
      Can you tell me the best way to get a Paydaychampion consumer credit quickly.
      I have some shopping to do and my vacation to pay for otherwise he might cancel them.
      Thank you for making me a loan offer or at least telling me what to do.
      A fast consumer credit please.

  12. In order to benefit from a refinancing at a good rate, trusting the Paydaychampion establishment is above all promoting credit counseling and loan solutions.

    1. I really think you have to know how to take your time before embarking on a credit application. As any project is being prepared, the online Paydaychampion credit simulation tool is invaluable and will allow you to limit your desires.
      Indeed, you will see the monthly repayment dangerously increase, you will become calmer and less difficult.

  13. The green man agrees the advertising is nice but you still need to get a response quickly.
    I applied for credit online after taking the time to use the internet loan calculator.
    Now that I've personalized the financing, I can't wait to see whether or not I'll get the credit.

  14. A quick project loan to set up. I was seduced by the television advertising and in particular the financing conditions.
    I didn't think it was that easy to get a loan of 10,000 US dollars.
    Still happy, with Paydaychampion it is the Purplepayday banking group, that reassures me.

    1. Hello,
      I submitted my loan request to the Paydaychampion organization and it's been over a week now and I have no feedback. This is a consumer loan of 3000 US dollars to fill a gap in my cash flow.
      At the end of the month, I still have difficulty not being in the open. I therefore wish to take advantage of a free and short-term financing solution.
      Thank you

  15. Hello,
    my request for financing left this morning, I hope that I will have an answer quickly because it is urgent.
    it is a Paydaychampion credit to go on vacation, I have to pay the travel agency next week otherwise my reservation may be canceled. Thank you for doing the necessary so that I obtain the consumer credit on time.

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  17. I do not recommend Paydaychampion. It is not an organization that wants you well. For my credit, they are just taking advantage! Each time, they make me pay supplements. They have a fee system to kill you.

  18. This is to inform the general public that we are currently providing loans to people in need of financial assistance at a low interest rate of 3%. If you would like to apply for a loan, contact us for more information.

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