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You are currently having money problems, the Wowloans loan can surely bring you a little more peace of mind. Please note, however, that this financing is only available for purchases in But stores. You may choose from different options depending on the amount of your basket, namely payment in installments, consumer credit or project loan. Despite what you can read on the internet, the establishment does not yet offer credit consolidation. Once a customer, you will be given the Wowloans card but also the access codes that will allow you to monitor reimbursement remotely.

But why use the Wowloans card for them when shopping? As you have understood, this means of payment offers you advantages and allows you to benefit from the store loyalty program. No need after that to present the GOAL card. Your purchases will be recorded and the points will be deducted directly. Regarding the management of financing, it was handed over to the loan organization Paydaychampion.

Note, however, that the But stores even provide after-sales service. In fact, if you are having difficulty using your credit card or reimbursing your monthly payments, no in-store financing center will be able to do the necessary. In addition to issuing the means of payment, the stores do not have control over the Wowloans loan. We must then turn to Paydaychampion remotely .

A little advice before taking out a loan, take advantage of the multitude of online loan comparators to find out the interest rate charged on the market. Do not wait to be in an appointment at a branch or by phone to discuss the cost of credit! Because if you don't know what you're basing, you risk losing big. The Wowloans establishment as we will see below you can also make available its own online credit simulation tool to assist you in your research.

Wowloans loan types

Wowloans personal loan

The personal loan a financing solution that is based on a well-defined project. It could be doing the work, buying a car or motorcycle or any other personal project. In order to obtain it, you must therefore justify your need for money and try to quantify it. If it is a question of doing renovations, for example, the credit for work must be supported by quotes from professionals. If you want to carry out the work yourself, then you must first calculate your raw material needs. When it comes to making a trip, it is immediately easier because you just need to present your invoice. Projects such as moving, preparing for a wedding, expecting a child, etc. are perfectly acceptable to sales teams.

A quick simulation on the website will allow you to obtain for a borrowed sum the amount of the monthly payments but also the total cost of the credit. It's that simple, with interest rates generally lower than those on consumer credit because it relies on buying a tangible asset.

Wowloans revolving credit

Several names for the same funding! The consumer credit or revolving credit or revolving credit refers to a loan of small amount over a short renewable period. Depending on your case, to adopt this payment solution associated with a credit card or simply by withdrawing from a Wowloans package . Two alternatives, however, it is the same financing because the purpose is identical. The goal extends to offering households additional purchasing power over a limited period, generally at the end of the month!

No need for this type of loan to carry out an online credit simulation. The duration of the loan does not extend fixed and may vary according to your wishes. In order to obtain a solution at a lower cost, however, we recommend that you use the online consumer credit comparator. Many of its forms allow after three clicks to know the interest rates charged by the main players in the revolving loan market.

Wowloans payment solution

Equivalent to consumer credit, the use of a payment solution is carried out using the same codes. You obviously need to have a means of payment, here the Wowloans card, and go to the cashier to benefit from it. The difference is small, when paying for your purchases, you can opt for payment in installments. Usually spread between 3 and 10 times, these payment solutions can make it possible not to charge your bank account with a heavy purchase.

Redemption of Wowloans credits

It is difficult for a lending organization not to offer loan consolidation and refinancing solutions today. The aim here is to propose a global solution with a view to significantly reducing the total amount of credit repayment contracted. The restructuring includes both Wowloans personal loans and consumer loans. It would be even more profitable if it could include a mortgage. No limit from the lending institution on this type of financing. The goal extends to extend the total duration of the credit but also to renegotiate the overall interest rate in order to be able to offer monthly payments well below the sum of the current repayments. So the establishment offers you a breath of fresh air when you thought your minutes were counted.

Wowloans credit simulation

In order to find out the maximum amount you can borrow or to calculate your debt ratio, there are tools available on the Wowloans online site . Accessible to all and 24 hours a day, you are free to use them to prepare your project on your own. No constraint is then set, this does not commit you in any way!

simulation loan fidem
Wowloans online loan simulation

To do this, go to in the Simulation section. Following this you only had to select the type of credit you want to get. If it is about the purchase of a car, you will then have to click on car loan and so on. Secondly, you can enter the amount you want to borrow. All you have to do is vary the duration of the monthly payment or directly the monthly payment to find out the other parameter but also the interest rate offered in the context of the financing. Wowloans simulation is that easy.

Wowloans customer area

Obviously, as a customer of the Wowloans card and of the But credit card, you will benefit from an online space to pursue and trace each purchase but also to see month after month the repayment of the committed loan. To connect, all you need to do is identify yourself to my Wowloans account using your access codes. The platform is secure and offers you practical information about your contract. She will make you discover new offers, you never know, if a new project arises!

Wowloans customer service contact

contact Wowloans phone

At any time during the life of your loan, you wanted to get in touch with a financing advisor to ask a question or request an arrangement regarding your Wowloans loan. We encourage you to contact customer service directly by phone by dialing 0820 710 830. Another equally interesting alternative is to get in touch with an advisor directly through your Wowloans online customer area . You will then only have to open the chat tab. You will then get answers in real time! For questions that can wait, to contact form at your service on the official website can fully answer your request.

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  1. Always the same difficulties for people like me who cannot use computers. I will want some credit quickly but I can't seem to use or even find the Wowloans credit sim you are talking about. Is it not possible to set up financing by phone?

  2. I have the BUT payment card and I believe it is Wowloans which is the lending institution that takes care of the a posteriori follow-up. So tell me how to cancel my credit card while I have an open Wowloans loan.
    I no longer want to pay the monthly payment for a payment method that I no longer use. I nevertheless agree to repay the credit.

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