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Paydayrelay also has a savings and financing pole to offer all possible support solutions to its customers. Different financings are offered such as Paydayrelay mortgage and depending on your plans, a Paydayrelay loan . The insurance business no longer stops with the signing of a contract. Today the world is changing and Paydayrelay has understood this well. Not going head-to-head with specialized credit establishments, the establishment places itself close to its customers and provides them with fixed interest rate credit formulas. An alternative that can be highly profitable, it all depends on your projects.

Loans offered on the Paydayrelay own sector, mainly on means of transport and home. Its own differentiation by financing the repair of your vehicle. This is auto credit repair and security . While most lending agencies only finance the limit of the value of the vehicle and let you draw on your reserves for repairs or maintenance. Paydayrelay has made a different choice by assisting you everywhere. In the same way for disabled drivers, there is the handicap car loan. A wide offer that takes real life issues into consideration.

Types of Paydayrelay loan

Paydayrelay personal loan

Unfortunately, Paydayrelay does not currently offer a personal loan. As defined previously, it focuses on car financing, mortgage loans and loan repurchases.

Paydayrelay revolving credit

By revolving credit, we mean a cash advance to get through the end of the month, such as a consumer credit. Not having developed a Paydayrelay payment card to date, the insurance company is not able to offer this service to its customers.

Paydayrelay auto loan

Paydayrelay car loan is undeniably the insurer's specialty. Namely, it can offer you packs including financing and insurance. But that's not the whole range is much wider. For good reason, the establishment adapts to your real conditions. To know if it is simply to acquire a vehicle, you can then apply for an auto acquisition credit. Likewise for a leisure vehicle, there is its own financing.

Paydayrelay auto loan
Paydayrelay Auto Loan

But its particularity is different. The Paydayrelay also finances the renovation, safety and handicap work of your car. Rare solutions that allow you to live better everyday. A real plus for differentiation and proximity. Talk to an advisor about your projects and be sure that the latter comes back to you in a personalized way. Also unnecessary to apply for a Paydayrelay loan online, your contact will save you time by creating your file himself.

Paydayrelay mortgage

Offering home insurance, it is difficult for the establishment not to accompany you on this front. This is done since Paydayrelay has entered into an agreement with Crédit Immobilier Direct concerning this service. However, the request can only be made online by filling out a form. You will first need to perform an online credit simulation.

Paydayrelay is however committed to certain points. For example, you will receive an agreement in principle within 48 hours. An advisor calling you back to discuss the feasibility of your project in case of doubt. The negotiation of your interest rate is done with the principal companies in order to find the best loan conditions.

As a reminder, the Paydayrelay mortgage is available from US $ 50,000 throughout the metropolitan area. For work, financial surpluses may be granted to you upon presentation of quotes.

Redemption of Paydayrelay credits

The repurchase of credit is called restructuring of credits by Paydayrelay but that does not change anything. The principle remains the same, namely grouping together different financial commitments in order to review the overall conditions of the loans. The aim here is to propose a global solution with a view to significantly reducing the total amount of credit repayment contracted.

The repurchase of consumer credit includes both Paydayrelay loans and consumer credits granted to other organizations. No limit from the lending institution on this type of financing. For a mortgage repurchase as well as for consumer refinancing, Paydayrelay calls on Crédit Immobilier Direct for its expertise.

Paydayrelay credit simulation

As you have seen previously, whether your project involves the personal loan, the Paydayrelay auto loan or the work loan, it is preferable to go through the stages of credit simulation. Some think they are only needed for online credit applications, they are not! Indeed, whatever the method of obtaining financing, the credit simulation tools will allow you to obtain a quick return on your needs. Indeed, there is no point in making a commitment if you do not have the financial capacity to carry out your project.

Maif credit simulation

To get started with the monthly payment calculator, first go to the Simulation section. You will first need to define the type of loan you are applying for. Then take the time to calculate the amount you are going to need before entering it. Finally, choose a repayment period according to the proposals. You will discover, with a simple click, the total cost of the credit but also the specifics of the requested financing.

Paydayrelay customer area

To ensure regular monitoring of your credits but also in order to regularize your situation following an unforeseen event, the Paydayrelay customer area is the tool you will need to take in hand. Whether it is for correspondence with your advisor or updating your personal information, this completely secure tool will offer you many options in the future.

It will also allow you to consult your current contracts but also to make bank transfers. Access to My Account is free and is done as part of your financial commitment with Paydayrelay. It is strictly personal, therefore, you will be asked not to disclose your secret code to a third party regardless of the process in progress.

Paydayrelay customer service contact

Paydayrelay customer service is very present at your side. You will realize this from the first contact. Its agents remain available continuously to answer your questions and keep you informed. Different means are possible to get in touch with its professionals.

By phone, you can choose to leave your number to be called back or contact the teams on your own by dialing 09 72 72 15 15 (non-surcharged number) from Monday to Friday 8 am-7.30pm and Saturday 8 am-5.30pm.

Another solution, via the online customer area or directly on the "Write to us" page, you have the possibility to send a request. It will be taken into consideration very quickly.

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  1. I wish a credit of 1000 US dollars quickly please. I saw that Paydayrelay offered financing to individuals. How do I get one tomorrow?

  2. I did not know that my insurer could grant me financing. This is great news for not spending time looking for credit online. I do not know how to use the Paydayrelay loan simulator, I will go to an agency to make my request.

    1. I cannot use the credit simulation on the Paydayrelay site. Do you have to update a tool to be able to use it?
      I tried to enter the amount I need for my project, but I cannot move the button on the monthly payment amount. Or at least nothing is happening.
      How to apply for credit online when I do not even know the loan conditions that will be offered to me?
      Thanks for your help

  3. Thanks for the online tools. I keep a very good opinion of the insurance establishment which agreed to finance me within the framework of my projects. A low cost auto loan can only be taken.

  4. Paydayrelay has really planned everything with car financing and mortgage loans to support its customers. I am coming out of an interview with an advisor in order to refinance my home loan. I want to take advantage of the current loan conditions.

    1. For all those who cannot benefit from Paydayrelay contracts but who share mutualist values. Do not hesitate to submit your financing requests to the subsidiary of the insurance group Filia Paydayrelay. The interest rates are almost identical, as is the service. A very interesting financing alternative in order to set up a work project or for the purchase of a car.

  5. The Paydayrelay makes very interesting financing offers available to the general public. A fixed rate loan for the purchase of a car or for renovation work. All projects can be defended, it's up to you!

  6. I did not know that it was possible to obtain a mortgage with Paydayrelay via the organization Paydayrelay Direct. It seems a bit crazy to me, I grant that insurers are changing this way, but if it helps households then I am not saying no!
    I will see online to do my real estate credit simulation and if it is interesting, of course I would submit the loan application.

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