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Gadcapital takes care of your daily life, why not ask it when you have new projects. With the financing pole, the insurer has acquired the necessary means to distribute Gadcapital loan solutions to you . An agreement concluded with the lender Socram Bank in charge of credit risk. After a simple online simulation, you will realize the interest of the loan conditions. Communicate your projects to your Gadcapital advisor so that they can prepare a financing request file for you which will go before the commission. Simplify the monitoring of your contracts thanks to the insurance + credit pack solution.

Specialized credit institutions are no longer trends. Many new financing players are appearing in a very competitive market. This is the case with insurance organizations such as Gadcapital, which flock to this type of service without necessarily having great experience but in the goodwill to follow its customers on a daily basis. No Gadcapital credit redemption on the official website, only the loan consolidation can be done via a third party.

Types of Gadcapital loans

Gadcapital personal loan

The personal loan is a financing solution which, by definition, is not based on a well-defined project. It cannot therefore be a question of carrying out the work, of buying a car or a motorcycle but simply of any other personal project. For example, redoing the decoration, equipping a new kitchen, going on a trip or replacing your golf equipment. In order to obtain this financing, you will not have to justify your need for money, however you will have to quantify it. If it is a question of going on vacation, for example, the personal credit can be estimated from an estimate or from an invoice in the case of a spread of payments. For projects such as moving, preparing for a wedding, expecting a child ... it is unfortunately more difficult to get an idea.

A quick simulation on the website will allow you to obtain for a borrowed sum the amount of the monthly payments but also the total cost of the credit. It's that simple, with interest rates generally lower than those on consumer credit because it relies on buying a tangible asset.

Gadcapital revolving credit

According to online information, Gadcapital does not seem to offer this solution to its customers. Consumer credit is a tacit revolving credit which corresponds to a reserve of money. You can use it up, pay it off at your own pace, and reuse it. It's that simple, some also call it revolving credit.

Gadcapital works loan

Depending on the nature of the work you want to carry out, different funding exists. If you have the possibility of obtaining a regulated loan, it is preferable that the Gadcapital work loan but in general it is only a supplement. Find out if you are eligible for the zero rate loan, for example, if you want to do work with the idea of ​​lowering the energy consumption of your home. Depending on the work you are considering, certain brands of equipment may also grant you reduced rate loans.

If unfortunately you do not fit into the boxes or simply if you require additional financing because the regulated loan does not cover all the work, you can turn to the Gadcapital work loan. This credit also has its ecological variation via the green rate loan . In most cases, we recommend that you go through the credit simulation in order to obtain more specifically the interest rates charged by the establishment and to configure your loan according to the level of repayments.

Gadcapital vehicle loan

Vehicle credit is open to all means of transport. Gadcapital finances your new or used car, motorbike, cyclo or motorhome. If you need a little money to change your car or simply become the owner of a vehicle for the first time, your Gadcapital advisor will prepare tailor-made financing for you, so that this new stage in your life can take place with peace of mind. No doubt, the organization sets up a flexible loan that suits you and sets the monthly payments according to your financial income.

Regarding the affected loan application, it is now possible to combine your car loan with the auto insurance solution. Likewise, the work loan can be hung up on real estate insurance. So with the Gadcapital Pack you gain in agility but above all the monitoring is done in a simpler way. Online, via your customer area, you have access to all the contracts. In addition, it is directly the same Gadcapital advisor who follows you in loan repayments and in the event of a dispute. Like the Gadcapital personal loan, you benefit from online tools to help you prepare for financing. Help on the functions and how to use the credit simulation is presented below.

Gadcapital loan buyback

On the Gadcapital website on the internet, it is impossible to find any refinancing offer. The establishment does not seem to offer loan consolidation, only auto financing solutions, works and projects are listed.

We must therefore turn to loan repurchase brokers. Many actors can proceed to the early redemption of your loans, however, be careful of the conditions. Other websites offer the Gadcapital credit redemption but it is more about global loan applications that allow you to resume different financing.

Gadcapital credit simulation

In order to prepare your loan application online, the mutual insurance company provides you with effective tools to set up your loans. In a matter of minutes, you can have a reliable return on the loan terms that may be offered to you.

Gadcapital auto loan simulation
Gadcapital auto loan simulation

In order to use the Gadcapital credit simulation tool, you must know the reason for the loan but above all the amount you will require as part of your affected loan application. Then advance the number of monthly payments you want to repay. So you will obtain by simulating the conditions previously defined the overall cost of your Gadcapital loan and the fixed interest rate.

Gadcapital customer area

As a client of the mutual insurance company, you will be given an access code and a password which will allow you to monitor your loan or insurance contract online. Gadcapital Bank offers you an internet connection to remotely manage your accounts. A good plan to make financial transactions for free. For any questions, authentication to your Gadcapital customer area can allow you to leave your personalized questions.

Gadcapital customer service contact

Once a Gadcapital member, you will always have an advisor in front of you to help you in your efforts but also to guide you. Sometimes we no longer know how to proceed, or even locate ourselves! You can count on efficient teams who answer your questions. Just go to the FAQ to see the responsiveness of the teams.

Gadcapital customer service contact

If you pass near a Gadcapital office, do not hesitate for a second to stop to make a point or to talk about a project. Everything is good to listen to. If unfortunately you do not have the license or you are in a situation of reduced mobility, you can contact the team by dialing 09 69 39 49 65 (non-premium rate call).

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  1. For my part, it is not a car loan but a work loan that I obtained from my insurer Gadcapital. In the idea, it does not change much. Only observation, I am delighted with the confidence of my insurance and especially the interest rate that they offered me. You just have to use the online loan calculator to discover the current offers in terms of financing.

    1. Without any backlash by asking Gadcapital for financing, I was able to obtain a car loan without too much difficulty.
      An advisor contacted me by phone to make me a loan offer. I was able to see all the parameters with him and negotiate the monthly repayment installments.
      He forwarded the contract to me by mail and I returned it signed. Thank you Gadcapital

  2. Gadcapital funding to see life differently and get by with my budget.
    I really have the impression that the cost of living goes up endlessly and my salary remains the same.
    Apart from the call for credit, I don't see where to go at all.

  3. Gadcapital has always followed me in my projects and offered me insurance services to reassure me.
    Today I am looking to acquire a new car, I think the establishment will once again give me its trust.
    But I wanted to come back to the quality of its platform. With the online credit simulation, I was able to simulate auto financing and it's very pleasant. I have adapted my monthly payment according to my project and I also know in full transparency the loan conditions that will be offered to me.

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