10 Memes That Perfectly Summarize The 4th Doctor’s Friendship With Sarah Jane

The Doctor’s relations with his companions make Doctor WhoThe strongest friendships, the legendary Time Lord having become the best friend of several brave individuals. The Fourth Doctor had a particularly strong relationship with Sarah Jane, forming a close bond with the reporter. Their relationship hasn’t gone unnoticed by fans of the show, who have created numerous memes to celebrate the couple’s antics over time.

Through these superb image macros, the Doctor Who fandom has captured perfectly why viewers love the Fourth Doctor’s dynamic with Sarah, with the pair coming across as an unstoppable team.


Become the Joker

First encountering Jon Pertwee’s incarnation of the Time Lord, “Robot” sees the beginning of Sarah’s friendship with the Fourth Doctor, after regenerating from the previous incarnation in “Planet Of The Spiders”. @apwittmomfeeodw highlighted the stark contrast between Jon Pertwee and Tom Baker’s Doctors, as Sarah meets this new version of her pal.

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This meme expertly depicts the culture shock Sarah experiences when Pertwee’s doctor becomes a new man, as she is forced to come to terms with the unexpected change. While the Third Doctor has taken a more serious approach to his heroic endeavors, the Tom Baker incarnation exhibits a more goofy demeanor, appearing as a radically different version of the Time Lord.

Take Sarah to Gallifrey

While this is an important aspect of the series’ lore, there’s still a lot Doctor Who fans don’t know about Gallifrey. The Doctor is called back to the beautiful orange planet during the conclusion of “The Hand Of Fear,” forcing him to leave Sarah behind, and this abrupt end to their journeys together ticked ClassicWhoMemes.

This image hilariously presents the stark contrast between the Doctor’s two visits. With Gallifreyan law being strict on non-Time Lord visitors prior to “The Invasion Of Time”, the Doctor’s close bond with Sarah makes him unwilling to risk taking her to the awesome world of the Time Lords, which leads him to reluctantly say goodbye to his faithful friend. .

How did you not die?

The Fourth Doctor finds himself in many precarious situations, with the Time Lord and his companions aiming to save the galaxy from various evil threats. His journey with Sarah proves particularly precarious, with Instagram post TheWhovian_Gal noting the reporter’s often puzzled reactions.

The image offers a hysterical portrayal of Sarah’s concern for her friend, as she reflects on how he manages to survive these deadly scenarios. The Doctor comes close to death multiple times as he puts his life on the line to defend the universe against its scheming villains, leaving Sarah pleasantly surprised when he survives these intense situations.


‘The Pyramids Of Mars’ is a fan-favorite series, with audiences considering it one of the scariest Doctor Who episodes to watch before Halloween. The epic story has become a popular subject for Doctor Who devoted mememers, with the Reddit DoctorWhumor poster offering a particularly amusing take.

This witty meme sees the Fourth Doctor and Sarah hastily deciding to stand down, after coming face to face with a mummy. The inseparable duo turn out to be on the same page, as they collectively choose to return to Sutekh’s mummified robot, showing that the pair are particularly close to kindred spirits.

I never knew what was going on

Sarah’s travels with the Fourth Doctor give her some of her fondest memories, with the reporter looking back fondly on her time with this eccentric incarnation. The Adventures of Sarah Jane The “Lost In Time” story features one such scene of Sarah reminiscing about her journey in the TARDIS, however, @Awkward_TimeLord’s pic takes a very different take on her time and space endeavors.

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Sarah’s claims that this incarnation knew what to do “most of the time” come under intense scrutiny from @Awkward_TimeLord’s image, who gleefully states “this man never knew what happened”. The Fourth Doctor took a largely improvised approach in his attempts to save the world, leaving Sarah with no idea what her friend had planned.

Do not forget me

The Fourth Doctor’s parting words to Sarah are among the most emotional moments in the classic series. This iconic scene is later referenced in The Adventures of Sarah Jane episode “The Marriage of Sarah Jane Smith”, which is considered one of the Doctor Who best spin-off stories. The Reddit poster DoctorWhoumour is particularly fond of these two sequences, delivering an image that pays homage to the touching farewells of the Doctor and Sarah.

This beautiful image captures the Doctor and Sarah’s affection for each other, as they part in tears. The Fourth Doctor is immensely proud of his traveling companion, asking him not to “forget” him as he embarks on his new adventures on Earth. The tenth incarnation of the Time Lord later encounters Sarah Jane’s new friends in its spin-off series, causing the Time Lord to once again fear being forgotten by his friend.

She is my best friend

The Fourth Doctor meets many new friends on his travels, who fall in love with the Time Lord’s charming eccentricity. One of his greatest is Sarah Jane Smith, who helps the Doctor defeat his many enemies. Instagram user Multifandom offered to share their friendship, describing Sarah as the Doctor’s “best friend”.

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This marvelous image showcases the close relationship between the Fourth Doctor and Sarah, with the pair’s friendship having lasted through future incarnations of the Time Lord. The time traveler and his companion seem extremely supportive of each other, taking time to listen to each other’s biggest concerns.

The Doctor’s benevolent nature towards Sarah

The Fourth Doctor’s compassion is one of his greatest characteristics, showing a sympathetic side towards those who need his help. The Time Lord seems particularly kind to his female companions, with Twitter poster @apwittmomfeeodw acknowledging the startlingly different attitudes the Doctor exhibits between Sarah and Harry.

This heartbreaking riot meme highlights the Doctor’s contrasting behavior between Harry and Sarah, during their adventure with the Cybermen, who are responsible for some of the Doctor Whothe best quotes. While the Time Lord angrily declares that Harry is “a fool”, he shows a much softer side towards Sarah, comforting the reporter during their latest conflict.

Wirrn Trouble

“The Ark In Space” is an exciting Doctor Who series, with the Fourth Doctor, Sarah, and Harry discovering a Wiirn infestation aboard the Nerva Beacon. Twitter user @Apwittmomfeeodw is a particular fan of this series, having created a cheerful image from the third episode of the story.

The photo of this tweeter is a particularly fun affair. The Fourth Doctor’s casual attitude towards his space endeavors is on full display here, as he jokingly proclaims to Sarah that they’re having “Wiirn trouble.” Sarah never knows when to take the Doctor seriously, with the Time Lord often making bizarre exclamations.

Is this south Croydon?

Sarah’s story ends on a funny note, as the Doctor accidentally drops her in the wrong place. Twitter’s @Apwittmomfeeodw turned this into a particularly nice meme, with the Fourth Doctor giving a particularly goofy smile.

This neat photo hilariously shows the Fourth Doctor’s mistake, as he leaves Sarah in Aberdeen instead of South Croydon. The Time Lord’s blunder demonstrates his distracted nature, which backfires on his friend Sarah, who finds herself several miles from home.

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