10 MCU Actors Who Were Also In ‘Doctor Who’

As the longest-running science fiction series in history, Doctor Who has presented audiences with an array of acting talent since its inception in 1963. The BBC drama has transformed relatively unknown young actors into household names around the world over the years, while also providing its fans with guest appearances. countless well-known faces.

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It’s no surprise, then, that many of these actors have also appeared in the biggest movie franchise of all time, making the leap from the Whoniverse to the Marvel Cinematic Universe. From fan-favorite heroes trying their luck as villains to rising stars landing their first major roles, all of these actors have appeared in both the MCU and Doctor Who.

Christopher Eccleston

Christopher Eccleston as the Ninth Doctor in Doctor Who and Malekith in Thor: The Dark World

Christopher Eccleston was the first actor to direct Doctor Who after his revival in 2005, playing the ninth incarnation of the Time Lord. Although he only piloted the TARDIS for one season, his performance as the Doctor brought a new generation of fans to the series and set the tone for future versions of the character to follow.

Eight years later, Eccleston portrays Malekith, the dark elf who sought the power of Aether in Thor: The Dark World. However, his performance as Malekith wasn’t as well-received as his portrayal of the Doctor, and the film as a whole remains one of the most forgettable entries in the franchise.


Jenna Coleman

Jenna Coleman as Clara Oswald in Doctor Who and Connie in Captain America: The First Avenger

As one of the oldest Doctor Who companions of the modern age, Clara Oswald accompanied the eleventh and twelfth versions of the Doctor and was interpreted by Jenna Coleman. Coleman quickly endeared herself to Whovians around the world and received a fitting sendoff when she left the show in 2015.

Before that, however, Coleman appeared briefly in Captain America: The First Avenger as Bucky Barnes’ pre-brainwashed date, Connie. Although only a minor role, Coleman’s MCU appearance marked his big screen debut – not a bad thing to add to your resume!

Gemma Chan

Gemma Chan in Doctor Who, Captain Marvel and Eternals

When Gemma Chan appeared as Sersi in Eternals, fans immediately recognized that they had seen her in the MCU before. Prior to wielding the power of transmutation, Chan also starred as Kree sniper Minn-Erva in Captain Marvel. By no means the first to take on multiple comic book roles, Chan impressed in both films and will be key to the Eternals’ story as the MCU moves forward.

No stranger to space-based characters, Chan has also starred in Doctor Who special 2009 The waters of Mars, playing the role of astronaut and geologist Mia Bennett.

Daniel Kaluuya

Daniel Kaluuya in Doctor Who and Black Panther

After rising to fame in British drama Skins, Daniel Kaluuya also appeared in a who special, playing a stranded bus passenger named Barclay in 2009 planet of the dead.

These days, Kaluuya is recognized for a wide range of roles, but to MCU fans, he’s known as Black Pantherit’s W’Kabi. The leader of the border tribe of Wakanda and best friend of T’Challa should return in the sequel Black Panther: Wakanda Forever end of 2022.

Toby Jones

Toby Jones in Doctor Who and Captain America

Toby Jones made his first MCU appearance as Dr. Arnim Zola in Captain America: The First Avenger. HYDRA’s lead scientist and assistant to Johann Schmidt (aka Red Skull) made a brief appearance in the Marvel TV series Agent Carter prior to his death and subsequent return as an AI in Captain America: The Winter Soldier.

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Jones, who clearly excelled at playing antagonists wearing a red bow tie, also made a unique appearance as the conniving Dream Lord – a psychic manifestation of the darker side of the Doctor’s personality, in the fan-favorite. Doctor Who episode Amy’s choice.

Richard E. Grant

Richard E Grant in Doctor Who and Loki

veteran actor Richard E. Grant added the MCU to its long list of Hollywood franchises when it joined the cast of Loki as a classic variant of the God of Mischief. His hilarious portrayal of Classic Loki brought an old-school comic book version of the character, contrasting Tom HiddlestonThe version of the trickster that fans had grown accustomed to.

Richard E. Grant had several connections to Doctor Who over the years, including non-canon comedy sketches and animated webcasts. Grant’s valid appearances on the show came from 2012 to 2013 as Walter Simeon and later as the human form of recurring villain The Great Intelligence, alongside Matt Smithis the Eleventh Doctor.

Letitia Wright

Letitia Wright in Doctor Who and Black Panther

In true MCU style, Letitia Wright dropped some of the funniest one-liners when she played Wakandan Princess Shuri in Black Panther. Her intelligence as well as her genius work with vibranium ranks her among the smartest characters in the MCU and the masterminds behind the advanced technological upgrades to her brother T’Challa’s costumes.

Prior to her life as Shuri, Wright portrayed Anahson in Doctor Whothe 2015 episode, Confront the crow. Anahson, Anah’s orphan “son”, was disguised as a boy to prevent people from being drawn to his gift – the ability to see into the past.

Gugu Mbatha Raw

Gugu Mbatha Raw in Doctor Who and Loki

During season 3 of Doctor Who, Gugu Mbatha Raw portrays Letitia ‘Tish’ Jones, sister of the Doctor’s companion, Martha (Freema Agyeman). Although she only appeared in three episodes, Tish’s role in the overall plot was pivotal as she was used by the Master to get her sister’s attention.

The actress made her MCU debut when she brought TVA judge Ravonna Renslayer to life in Loki. Renslayer’s belief in VAT lies was challenged for by Loki finale, leaving the door open for her character to return in Season 2 as she continues her search for free will.

Andrew Garfield

Andrew Garfield in Doctor Who and Spider-Man: No Way Home

When Andrew Garfield first donned the red and blue suit, Sony The Amazing Spider-Man the reboot of the Spidey franchise wasn’t technically based on the Marvel Cinematic Universe. The events of Spider-Man: No Coming Home This now means Garfield’s incarnation of the web-slinger is now an official MCU character and has reignited love for his version of Peter Parker.

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Five years before rocking the New York skyline, Garfield portrayed Frank in the who in two parts, Daleks in Manhattan and Evolution of the Daleks. Frank, a citizen of Hooverville during the Great Depression, helped the Doctor and Martha defeat the Daleks and their half-human, half-pig slaves.

Karen Gillan

Karen Gillan in Doctor Who and Guardians of the Galaxy

Karen Gillan rose to prominence when she portrayed one of Doctor Whothe most beloved characters of, Amy Pond. Amy’s time in the TARDIS came to an abrupt end when she and her husband, Rory, were sent back in time by the dreaded Weeping Angels. After three years alongside Matt Smith’s Doctor, Gillan traded the blue box for a blue body when she joined the MCU as Nebula.

Nebula, which first appeared in guardians of the galaxy, was the adopted daughter of Thanos and the adopted sister of Gamora. The cyborg’s attitudes are apparently now aligned with those of the Avengers, and his transformation from devious villain to unlikely hero looks set to continue as Gillan reprises his role in Thor: Love and Thunder and Guardians of the Galaxy: Vol 3.

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